How Dangerous Is the "Most Dangerous Marijuana"?

Well, according to the link above from Stanford University, the results were far from conclusive.

Having said that, it would probably be wise to just stay put or have someone else drive while under the influence.

I see that rather than experiment with drugs, you were into full-scale research. :slight_smile: I can tell you that our independent research on the west coast produced the same results. It could be possible to eat yourself to death though.

I agree with those who said stoners don’t smoke beyond the point when they are nice n’ fluffy. Or something to that effect.

From my experience (growing up in Humboldt) ((Is it okay to say that?)) the VAST MAJORITY prefer to smoke and do anything else but drive around. Driving is something most don’t even consider. Why waste the high?

I think the only thing the ‘reaction’ …

  • US reaction:

“Some of the strongest and most dangerous marijuana on the U.S. market is coming from Canada,” John P. Walters, director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, said in a telephone interview today.*

…will do is raise the demand for Canadian Green.
Dangerous? What, extreme bellyache from overdoing the munchies? I just don’t see (yes I checked the links about marijuana OD’ing) how it can be dangerous. A bit too much and you just fall asleep.


Interesting debate.

Only thing that surprises me is the lack of anti-marijuana posts. I’m from Denmark, see, and I thought our relaxed attitude towards smoking pot wasn’t shared by the majority in the US. Good thing, though, that the propaganda isn’t working. Do you think legalization will happen anytime soon?

The last thing I’d wanna do when baked off my ass is take a trip in the car. The couch would move just about as fast as I’d want to go when stoned.

Pot smokers I know will smoke until they’re high, watch anime on TV, and go no further than they have to in order to reach the food.


that.sound.again, among the regular American folks I talk to, (comprised of conservative, liberal, gay, straight, rich, middle class, poor, black, white, etc.) I have yet to meet anyone (except my wife’s grandmother) who agrees with our draconian, stupid marijuana laws.

The propaganda, these same folks almost universally agree, is laughable.

And of course, legalization (or at least sensible decriminalization like you guys across the pond have and what Canada is moving toward) is a distant dream. Our pols, simply put, have no balls when it comes to this issue - they are way too tied to certain industries that benefit from MJ prohibition.

Hopefully, in a few years, when America sees our northern neighbor managed to survive the “apocalypse” that MJ decrim hath wrought, we will see the light and stop filling our prisons with non-violent, otherwise law-abiding people who happen to smoke.

On this issue at least, the world has every right to sneer at us.

Unfortunately, that.sound.again, I think it is and will remain a largely theoretical issue here in the United States.

If I had to break it down among the simplest lines, I suppose I could just point out that America is a big place, so big that we often take a “the sum of our parts is collectively a lot stupider than anyone we actually know” approach to regulating our society.

In some respects, it’s depressingly true. One damned fool can ruin the collective good intentions of a thousand of us; and worse, such incidents make the news and offend the peer-over-the-fence sentiments of some of our most vociferous leaders, while simultaneously titilating the denser part of our electorate into actually voicing an uninformed opinion. For these reasons, I think it’s likely that marijuana, like speeding or other similar social ills, will be regarded as stupid as making it illegal to flip to the next week’s edition of Human Events for the answers to the crossword puzzle by a plurality of Americans, but it will remain illegal.

Did that make any sense at all? Dude, heheheh.

Heh, heh, heh. Anybody else thinking of that old Cheech and Chong routine about the Army troops being sent to burn the marijuana crops? Maybe the US’ll invade Canada to “burn” the pot fields!

I’ve responded to many an alcohol fueled domestic disturbance and where parties, friendships, and sometimes even lives are ended. Alcohol is a far greater danger than a bit o’ mary jane. The better the stuff, the less you use, the less you use, the less damage you cause, the less damage you cause, the healthier you stay, the healthier you stay, the longer you can work, the longer you can work, the longer you pay taxes, the longer you pay taxes, the more money the gov’t gets to fund guys like me whose job it is to take your pot away.

Using my own bit of logic, I think the ONDCP should just tape it shut and open up the borders, this may be just the shot in the arm this economy needs…:rolleyes:

I can’t take the pressure of dealing with the morons anymore, I think I’ll go have a beer.

—What Would Scooby Doo?

Yeah, where’s the debate?

From what’s been posted here, “The Most Dangerous Marijuana”[sub]TM[/sub] doesn’t sound all that dangerous.

Good brand name though.

To be honest, I kind of expected there to be more people on the other side of the debate. NOw if we could just get the government to realize how ridiculous their war actually is.

I read somewhere once that the minimum lethal dosage of marijuana is about a ton, dropped on your head from high up.

it is interesting when you know some of the facts of the why and how of mj laws. for instance, it isn’t (or used to not be) illegal to have pot, only to have pot without a tax stamp (similar to the ones seen on the bottom of cigarette packages), and then the govn’t just simply refused to give out the stamps.

Maxxim magazine had an article some time ago that compared some of the laws, and showed some of the dumber ones here in the US. like the fact that the average conviction for murder gets you something like 7.6 years in jail, and the average conviction for pot gets you closer to 10 years in jail. I don’t remember exactly when it was, so i can’t link it, but it was interesting nonetheless.

I personally think the “War of Drugs” is about the biggest waste of time and money those idiots in wash. have dreamt up in the last 30 years

There’s some pretty stiff competition for that honor.

Seems to me, driving recklessly is A Bad Thing, regardless of the state of the driver. A person driving recklessly is a danger to himself and others, period. Why concern ourselves with causes? It’s the action that is important, not the cause. One reckless driver may be drunk, another may be on drugs, while another may not be impaired by any substance. The unimpaired reckless driver may be angry, upset, distracted, stupid, have poor impulse control. Any number of causes might be theorized. But what does it matter? Why not just pull over anyone who is driving recklessly (and for that matter, anyone who seems to be drifting off to sleep at the wheel), and ticket him or arrest him, or whatever seems appropriate?

And, I would say, don’t pull anyone over without valid cause. No one who is driving legally and safely should be pulled over “just to check him out”.

No, there is a very good reason for not driving under the influence, as other poster’s have already pointed out cannabis slows the reflexes and makes an accident more likely. Just because you aren’t weaving all over the road doesn’t mean that you will be able to brake in time if a kid runs out in front of you. My attitude to the use of marijuana (as a none user) is that people should be allowed to do what they want as long as they do not harm other’s in doing so (and I do think the US’s stance on cannabis is nuts), however I am quite comfortable with the idea that anyone found DUI should be charged with an additional offence and severely punished (as should people who drink while drunk). As soon as you start putting other peoples lives at risk you step over the line, as far as I am concerned

It’s pretty widely agreed that alchohol is far more dangerous when driving than marijuana. In my opinion, it’s because it screws your vision. Marijuana usually affects people in different ways. I’ve known some great stoned drivers and I’ve known some guys that would just spin the wheel and hope for luck. Driving on anything that screws your senses or slows your reaction time is a bad idea. I also think legalization will slowly become more accepted here in the US. I mean, shit, all the anti-marijuana ads I see these days are based around the fact that smoking anything is bad for you, and that’s just not a very strong argument for keeping it illegal.

I suspect that tradition is the most powerful current of criminalization.

It is entirely possible that Canadian marijuana is powerful to the point of actual danger. We would be remiss if we did not give this matter mature and careful consideration. I am willing to offer myself as an experimental subject, if such “killer weed” might be made available.

Sometimes stern duty makes demands that must be met. I stand ready.

follow the money

lots of people would be out of work (directly or indirectly) if it was legalized

if it was legalized in the US that is.