How Dangerous Is the "Most Dangerous Marijuana"?

Definitely not true today, and I doubt it ever was. While I’m all for legalization, its a myth that people who get busted for simple posession nowadays go to prison. Depends on the state, but its usually a fine, court hassles, and maybe something like community service.

I just want to pop in and say that not all stoners are like that. Back in high school as a member of the kickboxing club, I would spar with my fellow kickboxers while stoned and I would totally kick their asses, and you NEED fast reflexes and reaction times in order to be a good kickboxer.

I tried kickboxing drunk once. It didn’t work very well.

Thanks, GoHeels and Sofa King, for making the general attitude overthere a little more clear to me.

And rest assured that I have no intentions of sneering at the US in this particular matter. Not when I hear how similar the ordinary person’s view is to ours. And you are right - marijuana isn’t exactly legalized here, decriminalized is a better term for it. And while this is a practical solution that works for the majority of smokers, I think it’s a double standard at best. Ideally, the law should be enforced, and if most people agree a certain law is wrong then it should be changed instead of remaining in the legislation with everyone just turning the blind eye.

Well, it’s not liable to change until the next generation of politicians take over. Actually, seven of eight leaders of the major parties’ youth organizations are in favor of legalization. Including the rightmost ones. And those guys are going to be the future government leaders, however the elections go.

Really? I never got the official how-to manual of moderate tranquility.

It’s an hallucinogen and like any other drug, people use it to get shit-faced. if you smoke yourself unconscious, you are wading in deadly waters.

As I remember, the only reason to stop was to eat brownies. I would agree long term users don’t abuse it like an alcoholic, but short time users do.

The fact that you even think a pot smoker could smoke himself unconscious shows about how informed you are on this topic. The only way it could happen is if you burned a bale of weed in a small apartment and passed out from smoke inhalation.

It’s a hallucionogen? I’ve never hallucinated on it, and don’t know anyone else who has ever had a pot-induced hallucination unless the pot was laced with some other drug like LSD.

Also through extensive research in my own indpendent experiments in college I have also found that it is pretty freaking impossible to get baked enough to pass out. Furthest we ever got was falling asleep watching bad movies on TBS.

One can hallucinate by ingesting THC. The hallucinations probably won’t be anywhere near as strong as they would be with LSD or psilocybin, but you can experience mild hallucination.

Usually, this happens when you eat (rather than smoke) large amounts of pot.

I was also referring to my own independent experiments. Not sure where the line is between passed out and falling asleep. Missed a number of concerts just staring into space. Got to see my own personal “Peter Max” movie once on some good stuff. My friends had to drive me around for hours before I could answer 2 questions in a row. I remember having the sensation of looking down at my body. Novice smokers shouldn’t start with the good stuff. I used a pipe and would exhale first and then inhale it. Nothing, nothing, nothing, doink, plop.

I guess it was fortunate that I had such a rough time with it. As a cigar smoker I love the taste of it. Not a good combination. Also restricted by random drug tests. Can’t say I miss the effects, but the smell, oh the smell.

HI! I was lurking on the SDMB, and have glanced at this thread a few times, always wanting to comment, but, accountless, until now. As a marijuana smoker, naturally, I must defend my most favorite vice.

First of all: the effects of marijuana on driving. The common assumption is that marijuana impairs a person’s ability to drive a car, which is, most likely, true… to an extent. I think, since the most common intoxicating drug people consume is alcohol, they tend to assume marijuana has similar effects, and causes similar degrees of impairment. That’s just not the case. Take a look at this article on PubMed…

There are other studies that have come to similar conclusions. I’m not advocating that people go smoke marijuana and then drive, I’m just saying that the conclusions of this study fly in the face of the assumption that marijuana impairs reaction time. Obviously there are other indicators of impairment; I’m just trying to highlight the fact that marijuana does not have that drastic of an effect on motor skills, ESPECIALLY in comparison to alcohol.

Now, about the supposedly super-strong Canadian marijuana. If we go by the concentration of THC as a measure of the potency of the herb, then, on average, it’s probably more potent. Still, what does that have to do with it’s danger, relative to the crappier varieties? Not much, I think. THC has been studied, it’s practically non-toxic. As others have said, it’s impossible to overdose on weed. Literally. I’ve tried. Since THC has been proven to be fairly free of serious toxicity, it’s greater concentration should not enhance it’s overall harm. More importantly, as the concentrations increase, the level of carcinogens(the tar) decrease, making it actually safer to smoke. If I recall, the highest THC content of any strain tested is 25%… that means that it’s probably the safest kind.

So… yeah. I wish they would just leave marijuana alone.

I’m CERTAIN that you meant “as a friend of a marijuana smoker” or “as a former marijuana smoker”.
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I’m sure Donut was referring solely to his activities while vacationing in countries where these activities are tolerated.
Interesting though. What constitutes past use? Back in college?
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