How Dare You PG Me!

Sometimes you can get too much of the censorship that you normally desire. :slight_smile:

Ah, how I am amused by this. Let the schadenfreude begin.

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Xcuse me, but R they joking? Just try NC-17 faith-based movies without vomiting. G, the nerve of some people. It’s enough to give someone NR’t attack.

Someone dared treat a religious film the same as other films? The Shock!™ The Horror!™

Sounds like they gave it a PG rating due to ‘mature discussions about serious topics’ such as pregnancy. Who wouldn’t?

Just someone getting their holy knickers in a knot because they might miss out on flooding some younger minds with religious ideals via the big screen. Plenty of parents will still take their kids to see a PG film.

A great chance to pander to your base, Huzzah!

too right

Exposure to Christian themes should earn PG ratings, anyway. Exposure to Neo-Pagan themes would, I’m sure.

Heh. Christian themes? All they have to do is listen to some of the older Christmas carols. They’d be rated R for sure. All that stuff about virgins and wombs …

I thought gratuitous sex and violence were some of the major bonuses of being a Christian.

“The MPAA considers exposure to Christian themes more dangerous for children than exposure to gratuitous sex and violence”…wha? huh?? What kind of delusional thinking does it take to reach THAT conclusion?

And why the fuck should CONGRESS even give a shit?

…because movies with gratuitous sex and violence get rated G all the time

The MPAA isn’t a government agency is it? Because if it is that makes sense. But it’s not, right?

Personally, I don’t think anyone has any business telling us how appropriate any movie is if we don’t ask them.

The Associated Press must have very lax proofreading standards:

The subjective what? They meant “nature”, right?

I hope that’s not what the movie’s web site says, because that’s an incoherent sentence. (I couldn’t check what their site actually said, because it requires Flash.)

It ain’t, but let’s remember folks that a 1/100th of a second shot of a titty is more harmful to developing minds than seeing a dozen or so guys running around trying to maim each other in simulated warfare and who tend to pat one another on the ass frequently. Also, despite claims to the contrary, discussing flag burning is the most vitally important thing Congress should be doing right now.

Took me a while to find the offending sentence, but it’s there, under “Story.”

The best I could find, however is from “Inside the Film” (click on the first thumbnail on the left at the bottom of the page. They’re talking about the producers’ previous film and conclude with this stirring sentence about the current film:

I’m pretty sure that Facing the Giants isn’t mentioned in Ephesians. Based on the web site, this sounds like an extraordinarily cheesy film. Can’t believe anyone would waste their time worrying about the rating.


It’s right in there after Paul gives two thumbs up to Babette’s Feast for its excellent artistic direction. Letter to the Galatians has a kickass critique of The Road Warrior, too.

Why would a movie be rated PG if it only deals with Christian themes? What is wrong with that?

Assuming you’re not joking, I’ll try to answer this seriously.

A G rated movie is deemed appropriate for everyone - 2 year olds, 5 year olds, 75 year olds. It’s supposed to be the movie you can take your kid and your grandma to and not have to answer awkward questions during. While I haven’t seen this movie, and it appears that there are topics like pregnancy which are discussed in a “mature” way, making a PG rating appropriate, let’s examine your question at face value.

Would you like to explain to a 4 year old the story of Tamar, which includes lots of sex, rape and prostitution? How about David and Bathsheba? A nice little family tale of adultery, torture, murder - oh, and God kills the baby at the end. Sorry, should I have spoilered that? How about the story of Lot, who tries to throw his own (virgin) daughters to a mob to be raped? Or there was that one guy who committed no crimes, ever, but was beaten bloody by some soldiers, nailed to a stick and died in agony.

There are hundreds of perfectly Biblical, Christian stories that could be inappropriate for children. I hope you didn’t take your kids to The Passion of the Christ.

Facing the Giants is a football film, not a religious one.

No, the filmmakers expected it to get a PG rating because of those “mature discussions about serious topic”’ but they initially heard from the MPAA that it had to do with faith, not pregnancy discussions.

Did you miss the fact that the filmmakers did not dispute the rating?

The movie poster features a tagline that directly refers to keeping faith and proclaims that “with God, all things are possible”, two barely disguised crosses, and font reminiscent of The Passion of the Christ. The producer is marketing the film as “an inspirational drama about a high school football coach who relies on faith to battle fear and failure,” and the official website has sprinklings of praise from outspoken Christians associated with the NFL like Dan Reeves and Randall Cunningham.

Seems blatantly religious to me.

The MPAA said that religion was a part of the rating, not the sole reason. Why they backed down on that stance, I don’t know.

I believe the “someone” who got their holy knickers in a knot Buckler of Swashing was referring to was Roy Blunt, not the makers of the film.

That’s a poster, not the movie.

I heard in a radio interview, I think it was with one of the Kendricks, that “faith” is faith in general, not the religious sort.

In the same interview, the filmmaker said they asked the MPAA exactly what it was that they based the rating on. They were told it was specifically the faith part and that the MPAA was okay with the pregnancy discussion.

I don’t know about you but “holy knickers” sounds like the finger was being pointed at the filmmakers.