How daring would/could a President Romney be?

Jon Chait fears the answer is “very”:

It goes on to detail how he could use reconciliation to get it passed by simple majority, especially if his victory gives enough Republican votes in the Senate.

Obviously, this would be popular with Republicans and bother liberals a little, but what about the rest of the nation? How would the voters in general handle such a thing? Is there any reason he wouldn’t do this, Chait’s beliefs notwithstanding?

I think the answer hinges on this. If Democrats still have 51 Senate seats, then he can’t do anything all that “daring”.

If the question is “will the nation stand for it?” the the answer is “is there going to be a new war between now and the next election to distract the voters?”

Umm… Okay, interesting quotes. I’m not exactly sure what they have to do with the subject at hand, but maybe it’s just late…

oops sorry. I had really witty responses at the time but I was running latae and just hit the send button.

So in response to SMAPTI: About a third of the way into the debate it is going to start looking like Romney is trying to monday morning quarterback a winning team because he thinks he could have won by more. I mean look at all his criticisms outside of Benghazi? They all basically amount to “I would have done a better job at succeeding that the President did”

With 20/20 hindsight, I’m a better investor than Romney.

To Elucidator: Yeah but the women who know their place are rightish.

To Bricker: I think its been pretty well proven that voter ID laws reduce turnout among legitimate voters and I think its been established that at least some (and probably all) of these laws were passed for the same reason that Democrats might want to place a polling place in every church, school and post office in America. Because high turnout and easy access to voting helps Democrats and low turnout and restricted access to voting helps Republicans.

to Der Trihs: In a professional setting at large companies, I don’t think you are correct in the least. Unless you get annoying about your athiesm and start mouthing off about how horrible religion is would probably get a similar reception to a Christian that started talking about how Jews killed Jesus.

He would be much more daring than Obama in the area of foreign policy. He would harken back to the days of George Bush, where our prime focus was on getting Bin Laden, instead of the World Wide Apology tour Obama has been doing. Barry’s pallin’ around with terrorists so much that even his advisors openly admitted that “Bin Laden doesn’t matter”.

More importantly, if he had 51 GOP Senators, and decided to go all Ryan on the budget, you can bet that he wouldn’t have those 51 senators after the next mid-term elections. And then it’s bye-bye budget.

And I’m not seeing how he could repeal Obamacare using the Reconciliation process.