How "Deplorable" would The Office's Michael Scott be today?


I’ve been rewatching The Office for the past weeks and, to be honest, Michael Scott’s casual, clueless racism and sexism plays completely different nowadays. HOWEVER, he isn’t played as a white supremacist, nor is he without empathy… but I’m not too sure if the man ever learned anything either.

So, the question: would Michael Scott be a “deplorable”? Who else in “The Office” would be a deplorable?


  1. You define “deplorable”. My definition would be “a 2018 Trump supporter”, yours may be different. Go with yours, define below if need be.
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Related would Jack Donaghy have voted for Trump? I don’t think so. In fact they might have had an arc where he can’t even figure out what his life means anymore and tries various philosophies before getting back to normal.

Sorry, wasn’t trying to hijack. I never could get into The Office. Imagine Park and Rec with unattractive people who seem to detest each other. That’s The Office to me.

Jack Donaghy would have.

Michael would not have.

I don’t think Michael Scott would have voted at all.

I don’t understand the OP.

He was clearly offensive then just as today. That was the whole point.

And he was still as offensive 50 years ago.

Nothing has really changed. People like this have jobs and say this crap and get away with it.

I guess the question could be recast as “what would be the level of Scott’s Trump support”, if that makes things clearer.

Me, I have no doubt he would be an enthusiastic Trump supporter for the 2016 campaign… votes saying he wouldn’t vote for him must be assuming he doesn’t vote or would be kidnapped and kept from voting or something, because not voting for Trump would be completely out of character for him. (Though Dwight & Angela would be on the Trump train as long as it’s rolling.) However, as played by Carell, Scott does have some empathy and, at times, an understanding when a line has been crossed, meaning his (theoretical) support would have some limits. My question is to see what fans would think those limits would be.

Michael Scott was pretty much a child. I don’t know he would have been able to actually register to vote.
Was he “casually racist”? No doubt, but he would have protested that he’s not racist at all. If he ever managed to express any support for either Trump or Hillary it would have been probably for some completely random and ridiculous.

I’d imagine Michael Scott would either forget that it was voting day, or get distracted on his way to the polls (“A food truck that looks like a giant dachshund? I’d better find out what kinds of food they sell…”)

The next day, when everyone’s chatting and Pam mentions voting, he’d concoct a poorly-thought-out tale in hopes of sounding like someone who’d remembered to vote: "Yeah, ummm, I too voted just like all of you, at that place… the one that’s a church or a school gym or a Moose lodge the rest of the year, and I thought the choice of candidates was quite broad and gave lots of choices ONE OF WHICH I TOOK and checked that box or filled in the circle. Hey, funny story, did anyone else notice the fellow in the top hat, well, now that I think of it maybe he was just at my church school gym lodge… but did you know there’s a food truck shaped like a dachshund and it sells hot dogs? Because a dachshund is a weiner dog!"

At this point Michael is doubled over in laughter and Pam is shooting resigned glances at the camera.

I don’t see a Trump supporter in Michael Scott. Angela for sure, Dwight probably, Phyllis likely, Ryan absolutely. Everyone else is either a Democrat, apolitical or too dumb/weird to make a guess.

That’s what she said.

I would like to think that Michael Scott would have stopped supporting Donald Trump after Trump smeared the family of a US Army Captain who was killed in action in Iraq. Or after Trump said of John McCain, “He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

But given that those and other offenses weren’t enough for most of the Republican Party to denounce him and stop supporting and enabling him, there’s no reason to think that Michael Scott would.

I would think Michael would have been swayed by which voters had the most enthusiasm and passion, which would have been the Trump voters. In the baptism episode, he got so caught up in the enthusiasm of the kids going to Mexico for missionary work that he jumped on the bus to join them. I would guess he would get involved in the Trump rallies for the same reason.

How long did he remain Todd Packer’s friend? One thing Michael Scott it, it’s loyal. I don’t think he would have been offended by the “grab 'em by the pussy” remark at all, would have given him a pass for the Gold Star family thing, upped his support after Trump made fun of the disabled reporter. Dragging children from their parents and caging them would have ended any supportl and loyalty Micheal had. It probably would have turned him into a very ineffectual SJW.

Trump voters in 2016 were not a single, homogeneous profile, and the so-called “deplorables” were just one kind.

If someone like the character Michael Scott were to vote for Trump, it would not be because he is a “deplorable,” but because he would fall for Trump’s bogus act of being a business person who would use private sector management to better run the country. This kind of Trump voter dismisses Trump’s obvious racism by placing the totally fraudulent pledge to “drain the swamp” above all else–and someone like Scott is stupid enough even to believe Trump’s ludicrous claim to being “the least racist person you’ve ever met.”

Todd Packer, on the other hand, would vote for Trump as a deplorable.

Before I go onto Michael and his ranking on the “Deplorable” index (in another post), here’s where I think the other characters would rank:


Todd Packer

Republicans who support Trump because “he’s our guy”/the economy hasn’t tanked:

Bob Vance (might be a Deplorable, but the show didn’t give us enough insight into his character to really judge.
Phyllis ('cause Bob supports him)
David Wallace
Karen Fillipelli***
Robert California

Never Trumpers (Republicans who couldn’t vote for Trump)
Andy Bernard

Meredith (though if I had to bet, I would say she voted Trump because “he acts like all the other guys I know”)
Kevin (probably threw in his lot with the Libertarian guy)


Held their noses voting for Hillary, but wished either party had selected someone more electable (Bernie, Biden):

Couldn’t vote because he was concerned he would be held for “further questioning” because he presented the wrong voter ID card:

*Quit their jobs and traveled from rally to rally, even, on occasion, being seen as one of the people behind Trump on camera. Dwight would convince himself that Putin’s act of war was OK because of Russian bears. And beets.

**Can accept an argument that they fall in the Deplorable category

***Fell off the Trump Train by now.

How can y’all breathe inside that bubble?

I don’t know. Watch the show and tell me your opinion.

Or, you can stop threadshitting. Your choice.

You’ve got the bubble inside-out.

To my mind, the ‘deplorable’ label only applies to people who become aware of racism and sexism and then double down on it to preserve their own egos, to the extent of embracing obvious absurdity.

I think a real-life Michael Scott likely would have gone down that road. But the writers of ‘The Office’ took pains to make him oblivious, yet self-aware and redeemable when he needed to preserve his relationships with others around the office.

In real life I can think of literally nobody like that, but in canon I can see Michael Scott putting on a pussy hat because “I love all the women in my office like my daughters, and who doesn’t want the best for their daughter’s p***y [bleeeeeeep]”? (forgive the teleplay, I’m not a writer).

So what about Ron Swanson?