How did Anal Sex and the Greeks get Associated?

Snickers aside, why are Greeks and Anal Sex so closely associated? Is it a homosexual reference or something practiced by straights too?

As a culture do they prefer that form of sex?

It is a homosexual reference. The basic idea is that the ancient greeks didn’t like women much and that sex with them was mainly for procreation. Ancient greek men had a culture that encouraged male bonding to the fullest extent possible including male on male sex. They weren’t gay. They just valued men that much and were extreme misogynists in general…or so the common historical meme goes.

I took Ancient Greek history in college. The did have a male dominated culture in general but we didn’t spend much time on anal sex practices. I am not sure I am buying it based on what I believe about innate sexual preferences but that is the standard line.

The master speaks:

Well they did leave behind rather a lot of art of this NSFW type

“Oh, what interesting china! It looks like young men playing leapfrog!”

PREFERRED, dude. Preferred. A long, long time ago.

See, the “Greeks” we’re talking about here are the Ancient Greeks, not the guys you see rioting on the evening news.

Just making that clear.

Umm, no offense, but I would say that not liking women much and encouraging male bonding to the extent of male on male sex is pretty much the definition of gay.

I seem to remember someone pointing out that the actual common practice in Greek was not anal sex, though, but more between the thighs or similar. And that, even amongst modern homosexual men, anal sex is not as common as people would lead you to believe.

Oh, and the only argument I’ve seen that the Ancient Greeks really weren’t gay is the idea that homosexuality requires the practice to be between adults, while the Greek practice was between an adult and an adolescent, a form of pederasty rather than homosexuality.

When we say that the Ancient Greeks “didn’t like” women, we mean that they actually considered women inferior beings.

And no modern definition of “gay” includes misogyny.

You invent the map, no one remembers.

Invent the thermometer it doesn’t raise any heat.

Create democracy, the world doesn’t care.

But you fuck one Greek guy up the ass…


That is the answer I was waiting on! :D:D:D



No it’s not. Sexual orientation has more to do with attraction than action, and there’s no evidence that Greek man weren’t attracted to women.

Did you hear about the Greek boy who ran away from home? He didn’t like the way he was being reared.

He went back though. He couldn’t leave his brothers behind.

It works better if you punctuate it thusly: brother’s behind. :wink:

Only if you wanted to make it a dirty joke disparaging Greeks instead of an anecdote. :wink:

That covers a large amount of humanity until very recently and a lot of it nowadays… you say it like they were the only ones ever.

Rev. Sharpton did hold forth on the ancient Greeks:
Quote:“White folks was [sic] in caves while we was building empires… We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.”

Rev. Sharpton (with his usual good humor and erudition) really gets the point across!:smiley:

Didn’t mean to imply that the misogyny of the Ancient Greeks was somehow exclusive to them.

History Laid Bare: Love, Sex, and Perversity from the Ancient Etruscans to Warren G. Harding by Richard Zacks contains a chapter in which the author recounts looking through old court records from the 18th and 19th centuries.

He found records of English women filing for divorce, on the grounds that their husbands wanted to do it “French style”.

He found records of French women filing for divorce, on the grounds that their husbands wanted to do it “Italian style”.

He found records of Italian women filing for divorce, on the grounds that their husbands wanted to do it “Greek style”.

So, it seems that those decadent easterners always get accused of preferring the back door.

I once subscribed to a listserv thread, in which a group of Greeks, and a group of Turks, spent page after page after page arguing about whose ancestors were the most enthusiastic pederasts.

What nationality wanted to do it “doggy style”?