It's Greek to Me

Why is anal sex referred to as “Greek”? Someone recently told me it was because it was used as a form of birth control by Greek women. But I always assumed it had something to do with homosexual male behavior. I couldn’t find anything about it in Cecil’s archives and an internet search turned up plenty of information on anal sex, but…well…you can imagine what kind of information it was.

Similarly, why do we call it “French kissing”? Were the French the first to do this? Somehow, I doubt it.


Oh…and if a Mod could please, PLEASE capitalize “greek” in my subject line I would be eternally grateful. God I’m a dork this morning. I’m hoping someone can help me before I’m humiliated in front of the Teeming Millions.


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I believe it is because there was (is?) a custom amongst Greek girls that if they only engaged in anal sex before getting married, they were stil technically virgins on their wedding day (important in Greece).

Why do you think the Greeks march first at the Olympics?

Coz nobody is game to march in front of them. :smiley:

Humiliation and Greek don’t have to go together :slight_smile: I heard that too. I think it has something to do with preserving the hymen. No cites.

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And that must have been a peculiarly Greek custom? Then why did I always think it had to do with some level of acceptability of homosexual sex in Greek culture? Hmm…no telling where I got that from.

Anyway, what about “french kissin”? Got a witty answer for that one?


WAG would be c. WW2, liberation of Paris. Maybe WW1, but the idea of 20th C. American servicemen and their French maids. Or maybe Ben Franklin started it. I always heard French kissing described as ‘with tongues’.

Saw a picture of a very old mural in India with a ‘daisy chain’ of monks, glans-to-anal-pore going at it several dozen strong. Wow.

So maybe we should call it, “Indian”?

I’m not buying the french maid thing. Nice try though :slight_smile:


Just don’t call it late, for dinner :wink: . Considering the anatomical proximity I think it is safe to say that it is not uniquely Greek culturally, or even uniquely human. Saw a really bad vietnamese postcard of a monkey and a duck. Grainy B&W, that was one determined primate. You might consider calling it ‘chimp’.

dustMagnate, I want to know where you’ve been getting your porn. You have very…umm…interesting taste.


Indian mural: some art book.
Vietnamese postcard: friends father was in Vietnam in the early seventies.

Art, not porn :slight_smile:

I can explain it but only in person. :slight_smile:

Really it is required in a thread like this.


Sure, sure, it’s “art.” We’ve heard that line before. Try getting an NEA grant, you pervert.

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My humble thanks to the mod who took time out of their busy life to fix my subject line. Now the world sees me as much less idiotic :slight_smile:


I always thought saying “it’s all Greek to me” just meant you didn’t understand something. I’ve never heard it used exclusively for anal sex.

Umm…right. They’re two separate uses of the word. I’m asking about one in particular…you know…the one in which people refer to anal sex as “Greek” style.

I’ll never forget my high school history class where a teacher, drawing battle diagrams on the chalkboard, inadvertently told the class that the Greeks won the naval battle of Salamis because they were willing and able to go up the rear. We lost it. :slight_smile:

So it doesn’t have anything to do with “Greeks” in college (i.e. fraternities and sororities)? :wink: