What the heck is a "Greek Sandwich?"

OK, I would consider myself to be a person who knows a thing or two about sex but I read that term in a book and although I have an idea as to what it is, I am really not sure?

We are not talking food here ladies and gentlemen…


guess…3 way, simultaneous anal sex?

A woman between two men, getting simultaneously penetrated anally and vaginally is my guess. I don’t know if that’s the same thing Casey1505 had in mind or not–while watching porn, I’ve seen two penises shoved into one anus before, as well.


You have to insert the sandwich manually. It’s basically a process of reverse digestion.

But then you end up shitting out your mouth, if South Park is correct. And it always is.

Not quite what I had in mind. I was thinking it was 3 guys, spooned, I guess, one getting, the one behind him giving and getting, and the guy behind him giving. I guess to be polite, the guy in the way back spot gould give the first guy a hand job if he wanted to be nice…

I am not gay ([seinfeld] not that there’s anything wrong with it… [/seinfeld]), nor do I watch gay porn, so this is just a guess.

Now those I’m familiar with, though with a different name I cannot pronounce–there was a hole-in-the-wall restaurant run by a Greek family in my home town. You can now buy fake pre-made ones at, of all places, the Wal-Mart Supercenter. Thanks to this thread, I will probably never look at those Greek sandwhiches the same way again. I will, however, probably eat them.

Get the kind made with a spit.

One of those lines that really hit you on the first quick reading.

Why would I want a Gyro made with spit?

Wow. First thread featuring Greek takeaway foods and anal sex. Thanks guys. :eek:

Whatsamatta? Didn’t you see the movie “Feta Attraction”?

Dictionary of Obscure Sexual Terms

Well, in my search for enlightenment, I discovered this site. Um, YIKES!!!

  1. The damn site did not answer my question.
  2. It also made me sorry I asked
  3. That was some of the most foul, disgusting shit I have ever read
  4. I forwarded the site to like 10 people. hahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahah

Not “made with spit.” Made “with a spit.” It is spit roasted.

A spit being a metal bar. You don’t want those crummy gyros that are just frozen, prepackaged slices. For the true gyro, you want one fresh off the spit.


I thought that was a “daisy chain”?


Oh, and I am SO sending that site to SAAN. It would be perfect!

I thought a daisy chain was women…?

No, I looked up “daisy chain”, and it turns out it’s a ring of people performing oral sex on each other-ideally, it should lead to the last person going down on the first person.

Or something.

Kind of like one big massive 69.