How did Bo and Luke Duke make a living?

How did Bo and Luke Duke make a living? Uncle Jesse had a Social Security check. Daisy worked at the Boar’s Nest. Cooter ran a garage. What did Bo and Luke do? Did they run moonshine? They were never shown transporting moonshine. This brings to mind a question. If they were running moonshine, were Boss Hogg and Roscoe justified in their less than reputable attempts to put the Duke boys in jail?


They sold pictures of Daisy in the shower.

In the TV show the boys couldn’t carry guns because they were on probation for carrying moonshine. (They used a bow and arrows instead.) So they at least had previous in that regard.

Otherwise the them tune revealed:

Makin’ their way the only way they know how / That’s just a little bit more than the law will allow


Fightin’ the system like a true-modern day Robin Hood.”


Yes. It’s just understood. (It’s the only way they know how.)

Also, they (later) raced competitively.


They were booze runners. I was also under the impression that Boss Hogg was in the business of the same, and the reason he disliked them was that they were usually competitors and would not work exclusively for Boss Hogg.

Damn shiner’s. Roscoe should’ve just threw away the key.
I thought that episode where Daisy fell in love with the guy they thought was their cousin was pretty funny.

Ahhh… well that explains alot!!

Yes and their trouble with The Law apparently goes way back.

IIRC didn’t they race stock cars? I seem to recall some episodes with them on race tracks. But its been over 20 years since I watched the show. I don’t recall for sure.

Moonshiners were some of the earliest NASCAR racers. They had souped up cars for their night runs anyway. Racing was a natural off shoot.

Yes, in fact, since the day they were born

Yes, that was a strong element of the show. The General Lee afterall was a racing car.

Weren’t they also basically dirt farmers? There were always chickens running around, so they probably made some money off of that.

I think I may of also seen a goat in one episode

Wouldn’t their customers get all wet?

With the plethora of road construction on nothing but gravel roads and bank robberies in Hazard, I guess Boss Hogg makes his money in construction kickbacks and the Duke Boys get a taste of the bank theft after apprehension.

I saw an alien in one episode, but they didn’t make any money off it.

Not much of a market for alien milk in Georgia.

Rent boys for Southern Gentlemen of a certain inclination. It wasn’t that far a drive to Atlanta.

C’mon, they sold pictures of Daisy washing the General Lee.