How did Democrats behave when they ruled the political roost? Better? Worse?

Re the current Republican dominance, it’s been a long time since Democrats had the Presidency and the legislature. How did they behave when they were top dogs? Imperious and dictatorial, or sensitive and accomodating?

Gosh, it was just twelve years ago.

I thought (possibly erroneously) the last time that the Democrats had both the Presidency and effective control of Congress was quite some time ago.

Oh, I remember*. It was terrible. All they did was go around calling people traitors and freedom haters, tried to pass all these horrible laws that gave good, hard earned Federal money to social programs NOT related to churches. The skies burned red fire and newborns were consumed as a delicacy.

  • I was raised a Republican in a Republican household since my birth in 1980. We listened to Rush on our long car trips and all that. I was in on it, hook line and sinker. I guess it appeals to the younger-aged. So when I sarcastically say how bad things were, I mean it.

The thing that pissed me off most even during Clinton’s presidency (besides his lies, but his lies < Bush’s lies) was all the nutjobs saying that Clinton was going to turn us over to the UN under one socialist world government.

I don’t seem to recall much name calling against Republicans, though I do remember when the Democrats leapt all over Dole when he stumbled walking up to that podium, I thought that was distasteful, in addition to their general mockery of his physical condition, but he took it all in stride so it didn’t bother me a great deal. Of course, in return, every time Bush crashes a bike or a scooter or falls out of bed, the pics are spread everywhere, so I guess things just balance out in the end.

Democrats had the Presidency and both houses from 1993-95.

I forgot about that short run. :o

Yep. What a glorious two years that was.

It scared the American public so damn much, what with Hillarycare and all, that the Republicans took over the House and Senate in the very next election.

Prior to that, the Democrats had full control of Congress and the presidency in the Carter administration. You might recall that Reagan won in a landslide, and the Republicans took control of the Senate, in the 1980 elections.

The Dems just aren’t as organized as the Pubs. Even when they had control, they didn’t really wield it well.

Some people pronounce ‘it’ Newt Gingrich.

Y’know, there’s real truth to that. I’m not saying that Republicans are all united, but they tend to have stronger ties (religious, conservative social, economic, etc). Democrats can’t even agree on economic policy. Theyhave no uniting core and range farther from center to liberal…

Well, when you’re trying to be inclusive of a group as large and diverse as the citizenry of the United States…