How did "Fedora" wind up taking on its current connotations?

From a post in the incel sex robots thread:

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen the word “fedora” appear in the company of those other words. Actually, I’ve seen it for the past, like, 5 years.

I’ve never even seen a fedora in real life, only in old movies. Is this actually a thing?

If it is a thing, how did it wind up taking on this connotation?

They aren’t fedoras, they are trilbys. Skinny brimmed hats. A certain breed of losers deluded themselves into thinking that wearing them was sophisticated or something.

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Probably stuff like this (scroll down to the third image). Note the caption.

Ladies, if you’re looking for me, I’ll be playing Magic and chugging Mountain Dew in the park.

And this.

To keep “trilby” and “fedora” straight, remember ones comes from the title of a play while the other comes from … the … title of a play. Oh. :smack:

That’s the great thing— you don’t have to keep them straight. Someone will always correct you.

One of the things I hate most about the incel/MRA guys is that they’ve ruined trilbies for the rest of us. When I get dressed up on cold days in a nice suit, with my long black topcoat and gray scarf, I want to be able to keep my head warm with my nice gray wool tribly, dammit! I look like Don Draper!! Now I have to wonder if everyone thinks I’m about to break out a “m’lady” or something.

Fedora twins!

eta: read the comments. m’lady

I think the fedora=loser MRA type is a creation of the internet/media. I know a couple of people who can pull off a fedora, and they’re both pretty cool. Haven’t seen anyone give them too much shit over it except in a very mild way.

Fun fact: this is a headshot from the actor who played Pugsley in the third 1990s Addams Family film (went direct to video). He’s just messing around, not seriously being a neckbeard. Like Bad Luck Brian an intentionally bad photo gets interpreted as serious.


The problem is that a lot of these guys wear them with freaking everything. A fedora generally looks good if worn with a nice wool suit and tie. NOT with jeans and a just a ratty old shirt.

Yeah. Many Orthodox Jews wear fedoras on Saturdays and holidays and during prayer services, and are generally wearing, if not a full suit, at least a sport jacket and a collared shirt.

I need to get my fedora blocked. Stetson Mallory in olive. It didn’t make the move to Florida all that well.

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Tips Fedora

Is the “Heisenberg hat” from Breaking Bad actually a fedora? Just to my layman’s eye it looks like a slightly different kind of hat from the ones that come up when I google Fedora. The top looks flatter.

It’s a pork pie hat.

That us a pork pie hat.

Depends on who’s wearing it.
My wife loves me. However, if Harrison Ford shows up at our door and asks her to run off with him, the fact that he’s wearing jeans, a ratty old shirt, and a fedora that’s beat up from chasing the Ark of the Covenant will only hasten her departure.

Fedoras somehow became associated with atheism (google “fedora wearing atheist” for examples), and then underwent a swift process of demonization since* anything *associated with atheism is pure evil. Since then the taint of “evil” has spread to anyone else wearing anything that looks like a fedora; “fedora” became an insult.

Not much to add to the discussion, but. . .

In the old "Beverly Hillbillies’ program, when Mr. Drysdale wore a hat, it was almost always a Homburg (which was not named after a play).

However, in a few eps, maybe a half dozen or so, he wore a trilby instead. Maybe they had misplaced the Homburg at filming time.