How did I get Adobe Acrobat--without even trying?

I have a new computer with Windows XP. I installed MS Office 2000, and Acrobat Reader 6.0 (among many other things). However, I have never owned Acrobat. I just noticed that when I printed a Word document, one of the printers is an Acrobat PDFWriter. It works–it generates a PDF document. It also shows up in my Control Panel > Printers. It appears to be available in all apps, not just MS Office.

I thought you had to pay a lot of bucks to get this, and not only did I get it for nothing, I can’t even figure out how it got there.

Huh? :confused:

So how did you install MS Office and Acrobat exactly?

Did you use bonafide OEM installation CDs? Or something else?

I doubt you really have acrobat installed. There are a number of shareware and adware utilities that can add the functionality to print to PDF without the full functionality of Acrobat.


Therefore, it’s more likely that something else you installed, like printer drivers or graphics software, added this functionality.

If it’s really called “Acrobat PDFWriter,” it can’t be some shareware product. That name is associated only with the “real” Adobe Acrobat package. My shareware PDF creator, for example, shows up as a printer called “pdf995.”

According to the Adobe website, the writer comes with the full package. There’s no indication that it’s available as a freebie. So, we still have a mystery, here!

In fact, this page from Adobe explicitly says that PDFWriter is not available as a standalone component!

You didn’t notice if it was there before installing office? I have to wonder if whoever sold you the computer put it on there for some reason or other…perhaps not a legit copy even - maybe they have something against adobe and wanna make them pay by giving away their software to customers free!

I got it along with Adobe PhotoDeluxe when I bought my digital camera.

Are you sure the full version didn’t come with your computer as part of the included software? It did with the one I bought last night, as well as one I bought about 6 months ago. Dell at least does it all the time.

I have a Dell Dimensions 2400, so if Dell does this all the time, maybe that’s the answer. If so, I am surprised I hadn’t noticed it earlier than this, I bought it about two months ago.

All the software that I installed myself was also installed on my previous IBM Aptiva, and none of that caused Acrobat PDFWriter to be installed.

Office was installed from an OEM CD. I downloaded Acrobat Reader 6.0 from Adobe’s web site.

If any adware installs this it would come as a surprise to me, I can’t imagine it being to anyone’s advantage. But I definitely pick up adware–though I routinely scrub it off with Spybot.

Not all adware is bad.

Some of it is benign free software that shows you a banner ad, and people install it willingly and knowingly. A different animal from spyware.

Here is an example.

Ok, I understand the Viewer to be freeware… Yeah, it has small one line, or one toolbar button to Adobe, but I would’nt consider it adware… or spyware. So now I am Confused, do you have the viewer or more than just the viewer?