How did James Bond become associated with Thanksgiving

For at least the last ten years, WTBS and now Spike TV have done a James Bond Festival over Thanksgiving. I look forward to this every year.

Still, why did Bond get associated with Thanksgiving? I’m thinking it was to get some male demographic programming outside of football. Most of the parades and holiday specials cater to a more female demographic.

Now I just want all the Bond DVDs rereleased!

This won’t help much, but when I was a kid in the 70’s, every year for 8-10 years one of the local stations played a Big Ape marathon every Thanksgiving’s morning. (King Kong, Son of Kong and Mighty Joe Young)
My point is, they probably just started doing it one year, the response was good and they’ll keep doing it until it doesn’t pay to.


Back in my youth, it was Planet of the Apes marathons.

“Get your stinking claws off me, you damn dirty turkey!”

So know we have the questions of how we went from Apes of various types to Bond? :wink:


Probably from when Bond killed one of Blofeld’s assassins by choking him with seasoned bread crumbs. (“James! What happened to Oddjob?” “I told him to stuff it.”)

Because the networks which don’t have the right to broadcast [american] football need something to compete. Anything will do.

In the UK a James Bond film is usually shown on Christmas afternoon, or possibly Boxing Day. I’ve never understood why. Not very representative of the season of goodwill is it?

Horribly sexist comment coming up: :wink:
While the men watch th Lions play and fantasize about the Dallas cheerleaders, the women can ogle Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and Pierce Brosnan. Notice I perposely left off George Lazenby and Timothy Dalton.

I would gravely question the vision of anyone who doesn’t find Timothy Dalton at least as hot as any other Bond.

But he’s from Wales, like another overrated leek-boy Tom Jones.

Well, there are a lot of people hanging out stuffed with Turkey, and for some reason, it is really fun to laze around watching James Bond when you’re stuffed with Turkey on Thanksgiving Afternoon. Strange but true.

Aren’t new Bond movies usually released around Thanksgiving? Or is it Christmas?

If it’s Thanksgiving, maybe some network started a Bond marathon one year to tie in to a new Bond release and it just became traditional?

Pure speculation, BTW.

They’d play ROCKY during Election Night where I lived.

Over here in the UK, it’s tradition to show the Great Escape over Christmas. No idea why.

Can I have Timothy Dalton, then?

Can I?


So? Tom Jones isn’t hot. Timothy Dalton is.

No you bloody well can’t. He’s mine. I was here first. I called him. So neener to you.

I ogled Timothy Dalton a little. Not like, huge amounts, but definitely a little. Roger Moore never did it for me. Too prissy.

I’ve always just figured that the reason stations tend to run movie marathons over the holidays is because a combination of:

a) They are staffed with a skeleton crew and these marathons are the cheapest and easiest things to put on air.

b) They know nobody is really watching so they don’t want to waste episodes of their prime, first-run series’.

I always figured it was because you needed something other than football to sit around and use an excuse not to help with doing dishes or setting things up. Besides, everyone liked James Bond, so there’s something for everyone to watch together and talk about.

It’s alphabetical. Next year, they start running Chaplin.