How Did Pumpernickel Get It's Name?

I know it’s a type of bread, and being German, I’m supposed to know this, but I don’t, so I’m asking y’all. :smiley:



Snopes says that it’s most likely from “pumper”, meaning “fart” plus “Nick”, a name for the Devil. In other words, it’s bread that would make the Devil himself fart.

Chambers dictionary gives
Ger.; orig a term of abuse (‘Smelly Nick’ or ‘Farty Nick’), possibly then applied to the bread because of its gas-creating effect on the digestive system

We’ve covered this in a previous thread, so you mifght try Searching for that – it was in response to a Staff Report about a spurious origin for pumpernickel a couple of months ago.

As I said in response to that, “pumpernickel” was German slang for a peasant – obviously an upper-crust disparaging term – the poor folks were “goblin farts”. “Pumpernickel bread” is thus the black bread they ate, made without refined flour. This seems a much more likely origin for the term than others I’ve heard.

Thanks, y’all, and I do remember the thread now. I haven’t used the search engine here, because the last time I tried that, it told me I wasn’t putting in enough words and couldn’t search for me.

I do appreciate the responses!