How did she do that?

How does :heart:kat&&herbrain​:heart: get her username all purty with the hearts?

I assume it’s wingdings or similar but how did she get the hamsters to accept it as a username?

They are part of standard ASCII. You can enter them directly using ALT+3.

I :heart: ASCII.

Can Alt-codes be done on a laptop with no number pad?

Not on my Stinkpad (IBM Thinkpad). It does work using the fake numpad (press numlock, use the letter keys that have the numbers on them too).

I usually just copy & paste 'em from a page like this.

CMC fnord!

I like the hearts, and the name itself is cute, but why the double ampersand?

In Windows, there is a program called Character Map for selecting any character from any installed font. It’s in Start/All Programs/ Accessories/ System Tools

The ampersand is actually a ligature of ‘et’ (Latin for ‘and’) so obviously her RL name is Katet Etherbrain.

ETA: Sorry, I missed a couple of letters. It’s actually :heart:Katet Etherbrain​:heart: .

Anyone find a symbol for Infinity. ∞ This was a cut and paste, I was hoping for something like an ASCII code.


The Unicode for infinity is 221E.

I have not encountered an Alt + code for inifinity.

What’s that look like in a microscope?

Thanks Tom,

How do you enter a Unicode symbol?

What Exit?
I’m currently working on a page on my website that will show a great many HTML entity codes. Anyway, to make an infinity HTML character entity, try entering this:
∞ and you should get ∞

(Note: the semi-colon must be included.)

Seems some folks don’t like the “microscopic” infinity so:

(Font size 7 and bold)

Very cool, so how did you get it to stay &#8734 ; without the space.

∞ experiment without preview to change it.

And not to make too much of a pest of myself, here’s the ALT code:
ALT + 236 produces

(Edited to make the “infinity” more readable).

Aww, i’m glad you think my username is purty! LOL. Anyhoo, I did it by pressing ALT+3. If you type the code “:heart:”, it’s not guartanteed that hearts will actually show up. I learned it the hard hway.

well, I’m not smart enough to know Latin. The reason I did it is because it’s something my firends and I do a lot on IM. EX: “So, he told me I was being irrational && I disagreed.”

alt+236 gets infinity for me right here ∞ (XP, FF 2.0). Dunno if it’ll display with other systems/browsers.

I hate to break it to you, but they don’t show up for me (Mozilla on Mac OSX). This thread is the first that I heard that those were hearts; I thought that your name was | kat&&herbrain |.