How did Storm spend her time while being worshipped as a goddess?

Have the comics ever gone into this? Her parents were American and got killed while traveling in Kenya. Right? She spent her youth as a street urchin, picking pockets, etc. When she grew up, her mutant control of the weather manifested, and she went off into the desert and pretended to be a goddess.

The natives would show up at her temple, pray to her, she would “magically” appear, and make it rain on their crops, or whatever.

But what was she doing with her time? Obviously, she must have been hanging out by the temple, waiting for the natives to show up. But did she do anything else during this period? Just sit around, waiting to get worshipped?

Has she ever fessed up to feeling really stupid about passing herself off as a goddess?

Dunno, but Storm is getting her own miniseries which will focus on her early life in Africa, and her youthful romance with T’Challa (Black Panther). Oh, and…

Based on solicits, it would appear that Ororo and T’Challa are going to get hitched soon.

Ororo & T’Challa? No way. When did they meet? Isn’t he like, twice her age? Oh, well. Rogue hooked up with Magneto, so I guess cradle-robbing is ok in the superhero biz.

My guess is, she did a lot of crunches.