SHE is Thor, hear her roar!

The A-list, iconic Marvel superhero Thor is about to get a sex-change! A woman will be found worthy of wielding the mighty hammer Mjolnir, and become the God(dess) of Thunder soon says Marvel Comics.

Yeah, yeah. It’ll all be retconned by January, most likely. The movie universe Thor will remain a dude for now, since Chris Hemsworth is locked in for one more solo movie and two more Avengers movies.

Your thoughts?

Anyone know where we can get the real story, considering this inaccurate paragraph

? Spider-Man was only recast in the Ultimate Universe.

Which Marvel universe are we talking about, here? Apparently it’s one where simply being worthy of wielding Mjolnir makes one Thor, which I didn’t think was the case in any of the Marvel universes since the Golden Age.

From Marvel’s site I gather the current Thor is found to be unworthy and replaced by Thor-woman.

I guess it’s about their “main” Universe.

Main universe. More background on the story.

So…was Beta-Ray Bill also Thor? Oh, and Wonder Woman?

And was Eastasia always Thor, too?

Sounds like they determined that the fandom around Thor was principally or growingly female. Of course, it could be that even if that’s the case, women liked the male character.

I like the art. Seems tasteful and sufficiently powerful to be called Thor.

I have never liked 616-Thor, and this is why. I much prefer the movie’s take on the character, which was to dismantle all the nonsense in favour of “Thor is Thor”.

That was not Beta Ray Bill or Wonder Woman. That was Thor and Thor.

I think it’s stupid. Thor is a name not a title. Just have her be “Name Here” who is worthy and who took Thors’ place after he was no longer worthy.

Yeah, I don’t get this. Thor is a person in his own right, not just whoever picks up Mjolnir. Heck, that enchantment wasn’t even originally part of the hammer - as the movie showed, it was added when Odin was disappointed in Thor’s abuse of his powers.

I can see a situation where Thor isn’t worthy to wield it, since that’s happened before, but he’d still be Thor and pretty powerful in his own right as an Asgardian warrior. The DC parallel would be, say, Wonder Woman - she’s still an Amazon warrior even without the lasso, bracelets and tiara.

This vaguely annoys me - surely it would have been possibly to find a female warrior character from Norse mythology and build up a storyline around her rather than pointlessly alter a mainstay character. Why can’t Valkyrie become a female replacement for Thor? Heck, that character (based loosely on the Brunhilde legend) likely got a recognition bump from Django Unchained, if Marvel can jump on it.

Anyone want to place bets on how long this will last before “regular” Thor is restored? I give it 6 months. The odds of a major backlash by fans are about 99.999%. Plus, this is Marvel we’re talking about. They’re infamous for their “illusion of change” BS.

Name recognition. You’ll pick up and check out the female Thor, because the name on the title is “Thor”. If it was “Valkyrie Belinda”, you’d probably only pick it up and give it a try if you had spare money after all your other purchases and the girl on the cover was really hot.

I want everyone to start calling ex-Thor “Jim” now that he’s not Thor-caliber any longer.

Well as the the Marvel Comics superhero version was originally conceived by Lee & Kirby, his true personae was Dr. Don Blake who found the hammer of Thor (disguised as a walking stick) and was found worthy of having the power of Thor bestowed upon him. Hence, the long-standing “Achilles’ heel” in which “Thor” had to maintain a grasp on his hammer or lose all his powers and revert to being a mere mortal after 60 seconds. (The magical inscription on Mjolnir specified “He who holds the hammer…”) Thor was merely Don Blake with temporarily granted superpowers. The issue of what happened to the “real” Thor was conveniently swept under the rug, even when the other Asgardian Gods were introduced into the series.

This of course got to be a murky issue as more and more of Donald “Thor” Blake’s adventures involved the actual Asgardian gods. Also, the “Don Blake” character just wasn’t as interesting as Peter Parker or Clark Kent. So the back-story got retconned into the reverse case (Thor being the ‘real’ personae and Don Blake being a fake one.)

Also, there has been at lease one other (albiet alternate “What If” timeline) female Thor before.

I picked up Thor a few years ago because J. Michael Straczynski was writing the relaunch. It was awesome. After he left, they threw in whatever writers and artists were available and mainly went by editorial directive: go entirely event-driven and pay no attention to story development.

So, Thor dies. Next issue he’s in Limbo with a bunch of forgotten gods. He persuades them to help him escape. They do. Next issue, he comes back to Asgard and finds that the universe replaced him with another Thunder God. Turns out Ulik the troll was cosmically reassigned to be Thor. Thor talks to the three Asgardian mothers who replaced Odin. Turns out one of them was Karnilla is disguise, who engineered the whole thing. Somehow she saw that Thor’s death would create the cosmic void and got Ulik to wait in the wings. So, the Asgardian mother with a sword beat her up. End of story.

No plot development. No behind-the-scenes. Just a bunch of events jumbled together purely for flash, details to be filled in later. Thor is ruined by corporate sellouts. I dropped it like a hot potato.

This gender reassignment is just more of the same shit. Let’s throw this outrageous concept out and see if anybody buys it. If not, we’ll try something else. Forget about building audience loyalty. Go for the impulse buyer market. Fanboys like warrior chicks. As long as we give them metal boobs, they don’t care about content. Fanchicks like empowered female characters. We’ll have her get in arguments with her boyfriend (which she always wins), get together and gossip with her fellow goddesses, and kick ass in between.

Hey, Ranchoth, what’s the Wonder Woman/Thor/X-Men crossover? I’ve never seen it before.

I’ll jump in here to give an answer: It was from the much-maligned Marvel vs. DC limited series, in which we had battles between Batman and Captain America, Wolverine vs. Lobo(!), etc. So basically WW gets Thor’s hammer and gets double-deified or something like that. It was a mess. A temporary mess, but a mess nonetheless, I confess.

I thought it might connect with the Original Sin storyline in which he finds out he has a sister, but it doesn’t appear to be that.

  1. Thor deemed unworthy - okay, I can see this
  2. Female finds hammer and is deemed worthy - with you so far
  3. Female gets powers or Thor - yep, that is the logical conclusion of 2
    3b. Female becomes Thor - does not compute. I mean having the same powers doesn’t really mean you are the same being. Unless the hammer makes you think like Thor, have the same personality, etc. and even then I wouldn’t call them the same. And it isn’t the gender. If Alfred the butler was deemed worthy and got the powers of Thor I still wouldn’t call him Thor