How well-known is Thor, the Marvel comics character?

Do many people outside the comic-book-collecting community know this character?

The hammer probably gives him away as the Norse God of Thunder, I am thinking.
Of course, I could be wrong!

I can sing the song…about the rainbow bridge of Asgard, where the booming heavens roar, you’ll behold in breathless wonder, the god of thunder, MIIIIIGHTY THOR.

Is there a DC version of Thor? I know both they & Marvel used Hercules.

I am pretty sure that there is, but DC’s Thor has only put in a very few appearances, as far as I can tell. A Wonder Woman comic from the late 1970s – I think it was 1978’s "Wonder Woman Spectacular – featured him briefly. I am very hazy about any other showings.

I never saw the cartoon – they didn’t run it in my area when I was a child (in the 1960s)-- until the late 1980s, I think!

DC’s Thor- atleast Vertigo’s version of Thor is a hulking good-natured brute in the the Sandman comic.

I loved Marvel’s Thor, being a sucker for long blond hair and mythology. Very interesting and different. I remember his ‘girlfriend’ was transformed into a Norse goddess temporarily and she couldn’t handle it and made an embarrassment out of herself, lol. I don’t know if anyone today is familiar with Thor, other than him being a name out of mythology. If they’re making a movie, it will resonate with baby boomers, maybe.

Interesting! I have never followed “Vertigo” – I will have to check it out sometime.

Loki is a major character in the Sandman saga; Thor is peripheral but very amusing when he does appear.

I know he exists as a character, but little else.

I’m vaguely aware of the fact that there exists a comic book character “Thor”, and given that, I might have guessed correctly given your second photo.

I have been told that I am a threadshitter in these threads with answers like, “Not known to anyone outside the comic community,” so I will say, "Why do you ask? My own mother has her bedroom plastered with Thor posters. :wink:

Guys, you enjoy your comics. The rest of us can’t be bothered, but we don’t begrudge you your pleasure, as long as you don’t force it on us. You read “Thor” comics. I read “Road & Track.” To each our own, and I don’t poll the R&T vs Car and Driver readers for some localized popularity poll. :rolleyes:

Well, he was in a Hulk TV movie back in the 80’s (just like Daredevil). So some people might be aware of him from that.

Here’s the link.

I collected Marvel comics extensively through the 90’s and a little into the 00’s, so I’m fairly knowledgeable about him, but the question isn’t directed towards me. I even have a couple of Beta Ray Bill issues.

There was some movie I was watching, perhaps a TV show, where a daughter was going as Thor to a party or some other reason.

I would have thought she was making it up, but it was too, well planned to have been.

That was the first I heard of him. It was only later that I heard the name again, that it clicked for me.

He’s the little girl’s obsession in Adventures in Babysitting.

That would be Walter Simonson’s run of Thor. I recently purchased the whole thing in trade paperback, in which it is now available. Expensive, but the best comic run I have ever seen. Odin was my favorite character.

The rollseyes and the entire second paragraph is probably why you’re accused of such.

I believe this is the thread I was privately called on for threadshitting, though in my case the accusation don’t mean shit.

To my accuser: Nobody, beyond you and a few other fanboys, have paid more than a cursory glance at Thor for as long as I can remember. He was a secondary character 30 years ago and you should be demanding discounts for buying his issues today.

sweet… (sing)when doc bruce banner belted by gamma rays turns into the HULK ain’t so glamourous…

I’m pretty sick of, when the question is how well-known or even NOTICED by the general population certain comic book characters are, that I’m the one getting reported to the mods when I say, “Nobody outside your fraternity gives a shit.” The Emperor not only has no clothes, he’s been dancing naked for years. Everybody else is convinced you are useless twits. It’s a painful lesson, but after all these years it’s one you have to learn. The question in the OP was, “How well-known is Thor, the Marvel comics character?” By any realistic estimation the only answer is “Not very.” Eat it or repeat it, anything out of your mouth is bullshit.