How did Superman die?

The boards here remind me of my dabbling in comics many years ago. The one thing that really bothers me is that I can’t remember how Superman died. Who did it and how?

Superman has died numerous times in the comics in some form or another…

The one tha DC made a big deal of was his fight with Doomsday a big alien beast… essentially he was fought to death. Like a boxer dyin’ in the ring kid.

For a bit more detail, google or Wiki “Death of Superman”. Basically, the writers came up with Doomsday, a beasty-thing born on Krypton and experimented on by a mad scientist (aren’t they all?) until it could instantly adapt to withstand anything that hurt it. This nasty lands on earth and Superman and Doomsday beat each other to a pulp- Doomsday is strong enough to hurt Superman, and his bone-spurs cut his skin, but they end up each felling the other with a punch.

Yeah, I thought it was lame too.

Note that Superman was only mostly dead – he got better several months later.


Slipped in the shower. It was tragic. Did you know that 65% of all fatalities in the home happen in the bathroom?


That brought back a memory of a Comics’ Buyers Guide trivia question:

Luthor treacherously kills Superman in a 19?? “Imaginary Story”. As punishment, he was:

  1. executed
  2. imprisoned for life
  3. exiled to the Phantom Zone, or
  4. made to watch an endless loop recording of Superman IV: The Quest For Peace

(The correct answer was

“exiled to the Phantom Zone”)

It should be noted that this is never expoudned upon in the Death of Superman miniseries. Doomsday just shows up (he burst his way out of some kind of underground prison,) trashes the countryside, and eventually him and Supes meet up and fight to the death. We, the reader, didn’t know where he came from at first.