How did the Israelis actually go about cremating Adolf Eichmann?

The news about Osama and his final dispositon has got me thinking. After the Israelies executed Adolf Eichmann they cremated his body and scrattered the ashes at sea (outside Israelie territorial waters). How did they cremate him? :confused: I doubt Israel had any crematoria in 1962 (do they have any now). Did they build one just for him, or did they do it the old fashioned way with a cord of wood? Or did they just repurpose an industrial incinerator?

Wikipedia (sigh) says “a specially designed furnace.” I assume that means that they did something with an industrial furnace, but that’s me guessing.

Israel’s first official crematorium opened a few years ago.

My cousin, Amichai Paglin, who had been the Operations Officer of the Irgun, actually built the oven that Eichmann was burned in. His family owned a factory for industrial ovens.

that’s an answer straight from the original source …
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