How did West Virginia do it?

WVU announced they were leaving the Big East after Pitt and Syacuse announced their plans to join the ACC.

The Big East won’t let Pitt or Syracuse go, but WVU GETS TO START Big XII play this fall. Does anyone know why WVU was politely permitted to leaven while Pitt and probably Syr. both have to sue the Big East and probably won’t get permission to go?


Is this an Old Testament question?

I dont think so. But if it helps you give an answer, sure, why not?

Re-read the OP, I should be able to hear you groan from here.
In all seriousness, it’s possibly got something to do with Boston College, Miami, and Va Tech.

I am officially whooshed, unless my typo of leave has something to do with it.

Help on this would be appreciated also

It was all about the typo.
Back to the matter at hand. Did the Big XII offer more than the ACC as a buyout? Perhaps WV had a different agreement w the Big East than Pitt and Syracuse, 2 charter members of the league.

I looked up leaven and I knew that must have been the typo, but I didn’t make the connection to the OT. I just got something about Bread and rising yeast. Oh well.

Thanks for the answer. You are correct about WVU Not being an original member of the Big East. But I’d be Somewhat surprised if they had a different agreement about leaving the conference. You could be right, though. That’s something that’s definitely possible. I know ALL member schools have to pay the league a $5MM exit fee, and WVU paid their fee. But they sure had a special out clause of some kind that made it easier to move.

Anyone out there know for sure, and what the clause was?.