Conference expansion/contraction - where do we stand now?

After the Mountain West announced they wouldn’t be expanding to take Boise State, I was wondering where everything stood.

Have the invitations to the 6 Big 12 teams gone out from the PAC-10, or were they just trial balloons? Texas seems to hold ALL the cards, and when they fall, a lot of other things will happen.

The Big 10 seems to have been quiet lately, and I’m wondering why. I’m guessing that the two schools they covet (ND and Texas) said no thanks, and now they are trying to figure out what they want to do.

I’m interested in that the Big East is standing pat right now. I think they should tell ND to get into their football conference, or get out of the rest of the conference. ND will most likely tell the Big East to get bent. But that would allow the Big East to add another basketball school, and if the Big 12 collapses, why not Kansas? Plus, Kansas has a good Division I football program, so that would help a bit.

Of course, if a few Big East schools get plucked from the Big 10, it could make no difference, but Kansas would be a crown jewel for Big East basketball.

As I mentioned in the previous thread about this, I personally would like to see Pitt join the Big Ten, and let the rest of the chips fall where they may. But I haven’t seen anything in the Pitt news sources to indicate they are doing anything right now.

Can anyone out there give me an idea of what the state of this whole thing is, and what the drop dead date for something to happen this summer?

There seems to be another thread recently started about this that was closed in favor of the 6 page thread currently running.

I was hoping to get the discussion focused on what is happening right now, but if you all determine that the **gonzomax **thread is the proper place to keep this topic going, closing this will not upset me. There is just a lot of stuff in that thread to wade through at this point.


Yeah, this is pretty much exactly what’s being discussed in the other thread.