How dirty is your food? What is approved by FDA

About some time back I remember reading an article stating that the FDA allows food that has rodent pellets, hair, insect fragments, and other things in your food as long as its 10% or less in the package. Today, I told my teacher this and he would not beleive me. What I am looking for is “proof” like an article from a newspaper online or anything else that is valid. I did a search on the internet and I did’nt like what I found. Can anyone help me? Thanks

There are certain naturally derived foods which are allowed small amounts of unavoidable natural contaminants; wheat WILL contain insect parts and similar contaminants. When these foods are examined, they are accepted as long as the contaminants do not exceed federal thresholds, which are very small. The majority of these thresholds are aesthetic in nature and do not affect health.

This is the FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition’s Defect Action Level handbook:

If you have ever seen wheat harvested you would pretty much know that there is no way to get all of those grass-hopper parts out of the finished product. Try this experiment… go to Mcdonalds and get a salad, put it in an enclosed enviroment and in a couple days or so you will notice the fruit flys hatching out, other bugs too.