How distinct are pigeon populations?

It has struck me that pigeons can vary enormously, even to my untrained eye. This was brought home to me as I strolled from Grovsner Square to Berkely Square - those who know London will know these places, but suffice to say they are only a few hundred yards apart. At the former, however, the pigeons are distinctly dark, indeed some are practically black. At the latter they are a very light shade of grey.

So I wonder: Do pigeons tend to stick together in flocks, as this would suggest? Or is it all in my imagination, and there is considerable… diffusion… declining pigeon entropy… amongst the London prison population?

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Shoppie, its threads like this that make people question your sincerity/motives/sanity.

Obviously by prison, I mean pigeon (this freudian slip might give you a hint as to another thread I intend to begin).

I have a kit of Birmingham Rollers (a type of pigeon) that I fly behind my business. I know other people who have homing pigeons, fantails, etc. They are easy to keep because of their flock behavior. After a few weeks to a month of captive feeding, the birds prefer to return to their “cage” no matter what happens.

So do they usually breed within the flock?

Yep, insofar as they are in a captive setting (mine) and their pairings are thus limited. In the wild, I would suspect the same.

ETA link. Here are some pics. The male birds are called “cocks”, so don’t be put off by pictures labeled “nice looking cock”. :wink: