How Do Blind Chinese People Read?

In Western societies, blind people use Braille in which a series of dots are used to replace each of the 26 basic letters, with extra symbols for numbers, punctuation and the like.

But some languages like Chinese have tens of thousands of separate symbols, each one pertaining to a word. A Braille system would obviously not work for a script like this. Do they have to use Romanization systems like Pinyin? Even that requires five diacritical marks (one for the letter ü and four tone marks), and that’s not counting the other dialects of Chinese which can have up to twelve (!) tones. Plus, having different systems for each dialect destroys the mutual intelligibility of the written form throughout China.

For that matter, how does it work for speakers of languages with other types of scripts like Hindi (Devanagari), Korean (Han’gul), Thai, etc.?

Phonetic transcription of Chinese