How Do Dogs Do It?

Growing up in India, I got to experience more than my fair share of stray dogs. But much worse than the sight of stray dogs is the sight of stray dogs having sex.

Believe me when I say it is one of the more fascinating sights for a 3rd grader. Now in the course of the aforementioned sex act (or before or after, I am not sure), the two parties in question used to stand with their posteriors touching each other.
The more Calvinesque of the third graders used to giggle and throw rocks at these poor souls - remember, this is third grade we are talking about, but no matter what, these critters wouldn’t be able to break away from each other. Seemed like their bums were stuck with glue.

Over the years the incidence of stray dogs has become pretty rare, and that of stray dogs fornicating rarer still, but I still stay up at nights wondering WHAT THE HELL WERE THESE DOGS UP TO?


The male dog swells after ejaculation, so that his sperm can’t leak out, raising the chances of conception. He will stay swollen for a period of time (half hour or so?) Sometimes, breeders have to hold the dogs together, so as not to injure either dog.

Can someone confirm this? I am at work and am unable to access dogbreeding pages, among other things.

I think you’re misremembering the position somewhat. Dogs copulate with the male mounting the female from behind (hence the term “doggie style” for a particular sexual position). Dogs do get locked together afterwards. This is an evolutionary adaptation to prevent other males from fertilizing the female. They can remain stuck like this for up to a few hours. I’m not sure if the mechanism is the male’s penis swelling or the female’s vagina clamping down or both.

Here we go. Found something.

It’s called 'locking on."

According to the article, it has no bearing on conception success.

The ass-to-ass position happens occasionally when the male tries to dismount by moving one of his legs over the female’s back. Unluckily for him, his his penis will still be trapped inisde the female’s vagina.

I guess he’s trying to unscrew.

It’s a two-headed, six-legged double decker dog!

You mean it gets bent backwards in the wrong direction?? Yikes!

I worked for a sledding kennel once when the owner had decided to breed a few litters to get some young dogs to train the next season. Every breeding I watched ended with the dogs bum to bum. The male hops off, and then ends up facing away from the female. Longest I ever saw them stuck that way was 10 minutes though.

This is known in professional breeding circles as “making the tie” and it is a requisite for the male canine to ejaculate.

Yeah, happened once. During a friendly game of “ring toss”.

Swelled up and everything.