How do dogs react to their puppies being stolen away?

When a dog’s owner gives away or sells a dog’s puppies, how does the dog react? Will they look around trying to find the puppy? Is there any reaction? Do different dog react differently? Is there a general reaction?

A lot of it will depend on the age of the puppies. If they are weaned, the female usually doesn’t miss them for very long. If they are still nursing she’s more likely to look for them. Of course it will vary from dog to dog.

Sorry. I probably should have used a more neutral term than “stolen”.

No experience with puppies, but years ago we let our Siamese cat have a litter of kittens. We waited, of course, until the kittens were completely weaned before selling all but one. Mama cat had absolutely no reaction. She made no effort to find the missing three. It was as if they had never existed.