How do I apply as a substitute teacher?

I passed the CBEST, which is supposed to qualify me to work as a substitute teacher. However, I am kind of at a loss at how I would go about applying for this line of work. Do I have to go to the actual schools and pick up a form? Is there some official website? Any ideas where to start?

I want to get the ball rolling now, that way I have some leads by the time the school year starts up again at the end of August.

Usually you have to contact the HR person at a school system and get your name on the Sub list. This may or may not involve filling out a sub application. It depends on the school. Then, they contact you when they need you.

Find out from your local district office; as Dragwyr said, it’s often the HR person. There is usually an application, sometimes also fingerprinting and background check. Not sure how they do it in CA. Then the substitute registry will call you when they need you.

A few hints about being a successful sub (I’ve been both the sub and the teacher, so don’t take it personally if some of these tips seem elementary): Register in more than one district, if you can. Take jobs when offered, every time you get called. Show up on time. Dress professionally. Follow the lesson plans very carefully (once, I asked a sub to show a movie and give out a hand out. He showed the movie but the stack of handouts just sat there :smack: ) Leave the teacher a detailed note about how the day went, who was absent, etc. Doesn’t hurt to say “thanks for having me, it was great working for you, and please request me the next time you’re going to be out.” It works. Don’t let the kids walk all over you. Doesn’t hurt to know the discipline procedures for the school, as well as the general way things work.

Good luck, man. Quality subs are worth their weight in gold, so if you can pull it off, you’ll be booked solid in no time.

Pick your district. Go to the District Office and ask for the Personnel Office. Fill out the forms. Many forms. Get fingerprinted and background-checked. Decide which sub list you want to be listed on: Primary or Secondary. Get used to 6am phone calls for a 7am report time.

If you find a school you like, get the teachers you like to request you the next time they are gone. If the kids get used to you, your job gets infinitely easier.

In Las Vegas for subs, you have to jump through hoops, they treat you like crap, they pay next to nothing - and then they wonder why they have problems getting teachers.

But most likely, you have to go through some of the same steps there, which means hurry up! Most places start getting their subs lined up before the regular school season starts, which is just around the corner.

Incubus, go to the County Office of Education with your CBEST certification and they will help you. It will involve massive amounts of paperwork as well as the aforementioned fingerprinting for the background check (when I did it I had to go to the county jail because they had the only digitial fingerprint scanner). Then turn everything in and wait…wait…and wait some more and they’ll send you your Emergency Credential (assuming you passed the background check and your paperwork cleared). Once you have the Credential, you can go to the individual school districts and sign up. Then, set you alarm for 5:00 am every morning and hope someone calls!

Yes. First go to the county. Once cleared, apply and interview in each district in which you would like to sub. It’s a pain, but try to hit each district near where you live for more job opportunities.

Some districts have their own application and interview process. Other districts have combined their human resources operations with nearby districts so that one application and interview may be shared with multiple school districts.

Also, ask how their sub calling system works. Some places have an automated system where you are called by a computer. Other places have a school administrator make personal calls.

Also, don’t fall for the old, “Well, Mr./Ms. Teacher always let us __________.”

Thanks for the advice! :smiley: