How do I break up with my hairstylist?

And stay at the same salon?

I’ve gone to the same hair place for nearly 5 years now (the longest salon relationship I’ve ever had). I started with one stylist, C, who did a great job. At the end of the third year she moved away so her husband could go to grad school. I, and most of her other clients, were asked to transfer to another stylist, S. I did that and I have been getting okay haircuts for 2 years.

C recently moved back into town and is back at the salon. Although I wanted to switch back to her, I stayed with S. I felt uncomfortable dumping him. I’m over that now: my last haircut from S was such a disaster that C had recut it. Now I want to remain her client.

This may seem like a silly question, but I like the place and the people…I just like C’s work better. I don’t want to be uncomfortable when I visit, but I don’t want to maintain the status quo (and requisite bad hair). So, what’s the nice way to switch? Do I just disappear and schedule appointments when S isn’t there? Do I ignore the issue and just go with C? Do I tell S that I’m switching?

(PS, you should know I wrote my accountant a “dear john” letter when I left her to have a relative do my taxes for free. Yes, I know I’m sad.)

Paging** LilGypsyGirl**…

Just make the appointment with C. You don’t owe S any explanation. If you like, mention something quietly to the salon owner.

At the salon where I get my brows waxed I like the way one lady (J) does them better than the other (B). Oh, I’ll say hi and chat with B, but I’m letting J do my brows.

You rang? :stuck_out_tongue:

From what I can tell,** lionsaoi**, you’ve already broken up with S by letting C fix said atrocious haircut. Rebook your next appointment with C, and that’s it. As stylists, we are used to losing clients to each other - better to keep clients in the salon than have them go somewhere else completely.

By not giving S the opportunity to fix his/her mess, you’ve basically said, “That’s it. We’re done.”

Let it go - it’s not as big of a thing as you may think. Go to C, get the haircut you want, and be happy. S will get over it, I promise.

I think that seals the deal right there. Just book your next appointment with C. Get what you want to pay for, not what you think you have to pay for.

You can always tell S that you’ve been a fan of C’s work long before S ever laid hands on your hair. The history thing could work in your favor if S asks.

I had a similar situation except in my case C had cut my hair years before at a different salon. He was more adept at curly hair. I skirted the whole issue by making my appointments with C on Thursday, which was S’s day off. Also, S had only cut my hair twice.

I am bald as a coot and have none of these problems!

Your history with the stylist you like better is really all you need and the bad haircut fix sealed it for you. Just book your appointments with the stylist you want.