How do I buzz my own head?

I like to keep my hair a quarter of an inch or less, and i’d like to be able to just run the clippers over my head every couple of days and keep a nice clean look. How do I do it without making funny lines, what are some good clippers, and is there anything I should watch out for? 10-15$ every couple weeks is crazy for just a little buzz

So…any buzz-sporting dopers? :dubious:

I’m not sporting a buzz-cut at the moment, but I’ve had my hair every length from cue-ball to between my shoulder blades. To buzz yourself, buy a pair of clippers, doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive. You might want to make sure you get a set with the depth guides, but that’s not critical.

To actually do the deed, either pick the shortest depth guide, or do without. I start at the nape of the neck and go straight up to the top of my head. Return to your starting point, move one way or the other an inch or so and repeat. Basically, work your way around the edge of your scalp. The center/top of your head may take some work, but it isn’t hard.

Once you’re done, take a shower, wash the loose hair off, then look at the mirror and see how much you missed. Touch up as needed. Once you do it a few times, it’s a breeze and doesn’t take much time at all.

Having done this more than once with clippers I will tell you that’s it hell to clean up if you do it in the bathroom. The hair gets everywhere. Do it outside or on the porch if you can.

I give myself a Number 2 haircut every fortnight or so. It’s dead easy. The most difficult bits are right at the back of the head if the hair is slightly tangled, and cleaning up with a razor afterwards.

Wetting, washing, or rinsing your hair first helps significantly; a quick go-over with a brush nozzle on your vacuum cleaner afterwards will clear up the bits of hair.

Gee, I wish someone would invent something like this…

Well, as you can see, it sucks as it cuts!

Heh. My dad uses a Suck-Cut. I mean a Flowbee. He has for years, and he loves it.

As for shaving with clippers, if you want to keep some small amount of hair beyond just fuzz, use the second shortest guard.
To keep the mess at a minimum, put a towel down on your bathroom counter (or sink, if you don’t have a counter), and just lean your head over it while you shave. Then you can just shake the hair out in the garden or the garbage and throw your towel in the wash.
That’s how I used to do it.

I sit in the shower and do it. Then I pull the cord to unplug the clippers and toss them in the floor. Them I take a shower. Or, I just have my wife do it for me.(The haircut, not the shower)

Start with clean, dry hair. Doesn’t have to be freshly washed.

It helps to run your non-clipping hand against the grain followed directly by the clippers in the other hand. That helps you detect unevenly clipped spots. Also, you may have to run the clippers in several directions for an even clip, depending on how your hair grows. I’ve also found a plastic flea comb (about $1.00 at pet shops) to be helpful for lifting the hair off your scalp for an even clip and for cleaning the clippings off of your scalp.

Stop to brush the clippings out of the clipper if they start to get clogged.

Lastly, don’t forget to oil the blades of your clipper from time to time.

awesome…i’ll let you guys know how it goes. at least if i mess it up i can always rely on my trusty bic :slight_smile:

I always go front-to-back on the top, down-to-up on the side and the back. Recently got a ConAir rechargable that works very well. The back is the toughest, I usually do it completely with one hand, and then go over it with the other, just to come at it from a different angle.

The swirly part where the top meets the back (where I would put a yarmulke if I was so inclined) is terrible for me. I seem to have a flat spot there that resists cutting. I have to go with a two-mirror system and slide the blade forward to get that part even.

Heh. I have shaved my head many many many times.

First, buy good clippers! I cannot stress this enough! Get some from a beauty supply store (Sally, etc). They will cost at least $30, but they will be worth it long term. Make sure they are the kind that you can replace the blades for (some must be thrown out when the blades get dull- this sucks).

Get your 1/4" guard out and go to town! Go in straight lines from front to back. Now go back to front. From on ear to the other. Shave that bad boy every which way you can! This will help ensure you get the hairs which grow at odd angles or are used to going a certain way (like around your part line).

Now, find a friend. You will only need this friend a few times until you get it down. Your friend’s job is to check your buzzing visually and with their hands to find uneven spots. Use your own hands to check as well. Remember, long annoying hairs hide behind the ears and on your neck!

Now jump in the shower and shampoo it. Come out and towel dry. Check again for uneven spots, fix as needed.

Now flaunt your bad self.

Note: if your hair is currently 1" or longer, the first time won’t come out as even as you might like due to previous parting, cowlicks, etc. Repeated clips over the next week or so (every 3-4 days should do) will correct this. Eventually it will take you no longer than 7-10 min to do the entire head- no friend needed!

I miss my shaved head. :frowning:

My experience differs: leave the hair a minute or two or rinse it, then give it another cut and you’ll be fine.

Yes, definitely keep the blades oiled. If not, they can oxidize/rust and get dull. Then it takes 17 times as long, because you have to keep going over the same spots.

And if you ever decide to go chrome-dome, there’s always this bad boy. I’ll probably be ordering one when my thin spot gets bigger and/or thinner.