How do I change a .fla to a .swf ?

Could anyone help me with this problem?


You need to have Macromedia’s flash program. Do you?

And I mean the actual program, not the browser plug-in.

Yup, I have the software, But I tried “save as” and I can only save in .fla or “all file types”

So where do I go from here?

Go to “File” then choose “publish settings.” You’ll see that you can choose all sorts of different options. You can choose to just publish it as an .swf or you can choose “html” which will also generate an html page for the .swf it makes.

Once you open the .swf file you can even change it to an executable which includes the player so you cna give it to people who don’t have it.

Any more questions just ask. :slight_smile:

Nope, thank you much, you’ve helped me a lot.


To answer the question directly (at least for Flash 5; I’ll assume it’s the same for Flash 6):

  1. Open the fla file in Flash

  2. Under the File menu, choose “Publish Settings.”
    In the Formats tab make sure Flash (.swf) is checked and click OK

  3. Under the File menu, choose “Publish.”

The Flash program will create a file with the same name but with an .swf extension in the same folder the original fla file was.


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well actually I do have one more question, when I get the saved .swf file and try to save it as a .mp3 (by clicking on “change” after “opens with .swf”) it only gives me the programs that I have as actual programs, It won’t let me type in .mp3 and of course there isn’t a .mp3 software, it just plays through Microsoft Media Jukebox (if I select open with Microsoft Media jukebox it doesn’t play either). Any ideas?

Ah, you trying that trick by having an empty flash program with only audio and using it as an mp3 converter? Can’t say I’ve tried it, but I think you simply rename the extention in Windows Explorer.

I’ve never tried it, myself.

Just a clarification, because at last here’s something I know the answer to, hehe, but the .fla file is the settings that Flash needs, but the .swf is the actual final animation/shockwave thingy itself.

You don’t save the .swf as a mp3 or anything.
Just go to the file in file manager or explorer or whatever it’s called nowadays and rename it from file.swf to file.mp3
It works. I’ve done it.

I’ve got to say that this is the absolute first GQ I’ve been in where I have answered correctly first throughout the entire thread.

And it was about Flash. :frowning:

But, still. :cool:

Ok, I’m new to Flash and it’s innerworkings, but really, I don’t know what I’m missing. Can you walk me through step by step? Could you explain what icons, menus and other relevent procedures?

Thanks, Hope I get it this time.


If you have the .swf file already that only has the music in it then you are done with Flash. Just open up Windows Explorer, browse to find your file, and rename it by removing the “.swf” portion and replacing it with “.mp3”. Nothing else beyond that.

ah, that’s it! Thanks, I was going into internet explorer…


Just to satisfy my curiosity (I haven’t reinstalled my Macromedia programs since I’ve recently wiped my OS and started clean) what audio settings do you get from the MP3s, and what audio settings did you have in Flash to get these?

Anyone know what codec Flash uses? Variable bitrate LAME???

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?