How Do I Change My Name?

Well, the title pretty much covers it. It’s not a question for Cecil, but I figure there’s a factual answer. If we have any lawyers in the audience, I’d appreciate the help. Some relevant info: I live in New York State, and I’m a legal adult (turned 21 last week), if that makes a difference. I’d like to ditch my middle name and I’m not sure how. Thanks a bunch to all.

Why bother? Lots of people have middle names they don’t like, and all they do is simply not use it. You can leave the Middle Name space blank on forms and the like.

Ah, I knew that was poor word choice. I mean I’d like to ditch the name I don’t like and use another. I don’t use it myself (my parents have the annoying habit of putting it on forms for me, but I may have managed to stop that). What I’d like to do is legally change the name to something else.

The name change is done through the Circuit Court here in VA. Not sure about NY. An easy paper exercise if I recall correctly.


For NY, this site seems to provide more details:

Not NY lawyer, so take as you will.

Ah, now there’s some interesting stuff… Thanks, Peg.