How do I change the registration on my copy of Windows?

I bought my computer in fall 2003, it was a store model at Sears. For some reason, some joker employee registered all of the programs in his own name. I was able to deal with it until now, but having his name embedded in all my files is driving me nuts.

I know I have to go into the registry, but I am scared to do it without full instructions. Please help!

What OS are you using? I’m assuming Windows XP, given the timeframe of the purchase, but I don’t want to give information you can’t use, cause you bought, say, a Mac.

Also, interesting future purchase, since Fall, 2003 hasn’t occurred yet. :wink:

Wow, what a dummy I am!

I totally intended to put all the info in, but I guess it’s the lateness of the hour…

My computer is a PC, running Windows XP

Which I bought in Fall 2002

slaps head, resists using smily
goes to bed, hoping for better response than she deserves

First, back up the registry.

Then, use Start Menu > Run > regedit > Edit > Find… Enter the name that shows up as the registered user and search out each instance of it, and change it to yours. To do this, right click the item, click Modify, then enter the new name in the box provided and click OK. Then hit F3 to find the next entry, until all have been located.

Yeah, backup before trying that trick.


Put in search box: registration

"For more information on product registration for Windows, open the Registration Wizard by clicking Start, then click Run. In the Open box, type “regwiz /r”. "

Yep, all you need to know is right under the start menu: H