How do I clean the burners on my gas BBQ?

I’ve noticed that the burners on my gas BBQ are starting to burn orange flames rather than blue. Isn’t that a sign of incomplete combustion and lower heat? How do I clean them? Do I dissassemble the burners and take them out? Then what?

I recently had the same issue with my BBQ. I tried brushing them off with a steel brush, but on closer inspection I noticed some holes in the burners that weren’t supposed to be there, which meant the burners were starting to rust out.

I ended up having to replace all 3 of my burners, which wasn’t cheap. Taking them out allows you to inspect them for damage, and it makes it easier to scrub them.

I’ve taken the burners to my shop and used compressed air to back blow through all the little hole and clear the rust and crap inside.

You could have spider webs, or other insect debris in the venturi of your burners. The gas passes through an orifice then through a venturi where it’s mixed with air. This mixture than travels to the burners themselves. If the air inlet is partly obstructed the gas/air mix will be off and will not burn properly. Sometimes there’s a sliding shutter that is used to adjust the gas/air mix. It’s possible that this needs adjustment. Some grills don’t have an adjustment.

All the above posts are great.
There can also be a gas supply problem if non of the above are your problem.
The regulator can malfunction, but the most common supply problem is a partially blocked orifice. I run Humphry gas lights in my hunting shack and i have to clean the orifice. One time two lights were acting up the same weekend.
I use a short piece of automotive electric wire like 14 gauge and fold back all but one strand after stripping insulation back about 1/2 inch.
This also works well on clogged window wash nozzles on the pickup.

You can brush them off with a wire brush but be aware that cast burners my be corroded and will disintegrate upon handling. Then it’s a trip to Lowes for universal replacements at $15 apiece. Just went through this with a buddy of mine. Could not believe that they fell apart like they did. If you don’t have cast iron burners then disregard this warning.