How do I clean the gasket of my washing machine?

I have a front-loading washing machine from John Lewis; I believe the manufacturer is actually AEG. I’ve recently found a build-up of fibre in the front gasket. Not just in the well of the gasket - I expect that and clean it up, but also in the inner lip of the gasket, where it makes a seal with the outside of the rotating drum. The stuff has been there some time and become caked. I’ve removed the worst of it from the lower two thirds or so, but how do I clean it properly? I can’t see the inside of the top third or so, of course, without removing the gasket entirely. I’m concerned about the seal and flooding the flat.

If you can’t position your body so as to get a good view, perhaps a light of some sort and a small mirror can be set up to see it.

My first thought on the mechanics of cleaning it is to use a wooden handled cotton swab and some spray silicone.

White distilled vinegar is recommended ( although I’ve got into the habit of adding a spoonful to every wash anyway ).
Also, with plenty of newspaper/towels down, in such a case you might want to unscrew the drain at front base. Stuff builds up there too.