How do I clean the scroll wheel of my mouse?

I have a microsoft optical mouse 2.0 (like this:

The scroll wheel is sorta sticky qwhen trying to scroll, and I’d like to clean it, however I can’t figure out how to disassemble the mouse to such an extent that I could get in to clean it up and remove whatever is making it so anoying.


There will be 2-3 screws on the underside. They will be hidden by pads, rubber feet and/or the label. I remove the pads/feet by gentle prying from the edges. Usually there is enough glue residue to stick them back on okay but any office glue would work. I run the side of a screwdriver edge over the label looking for a “soft spot” where a screw might be hidden. (Sort of like in a detective show where the tech uses a pencil to see the impression on a memo pad.) I then cut thru the soft spot to get to the screw. No repair needed afterwards. The shell is usually held together by slots/tabs at the top end. So rotate the pieces apart from the back.

Note that there is usually 1-2 little wire pieces holding things together inside and a. you don’t want to lose them, b. you need to remember where they go. One common wire bit is the one that rubs against the scroll wheel to give it that “clicky” feel. (As well as keeping the wheel from moving on its own.)

Use swabs and the purest alcohol you have (no rubbing alcohol). Alcohol can damage rubber if left on so dry it off ASAP. A can of air is helpful

Thanks, I have found one screw inside the battery compartment, but no others, nothing under the tabs\feet or the labels. And I am prying on this thing and it’s not wanting to let go, so I don’t want to end up with a broken one.