Is there any way to clean the trackball on my MightyMouse?

It’s been getting gitchy for about two weeks. Last week my computer was in the hospital for a day, so having nothing better to do, I set up a magnifying glass, ans using Q-tips, I carefully cleaned it with water. (It was very dirty) It was better for a day or two, but now it’s worse than ever. I’ve used canned air, that helps for a minute. I’ve turned it over and tapped it, helps for a turn or two.

Isn’t there anything I can do?! I love my MightyMouse. I want it to work. I don’t want to buy another one…

Pleeeeease …

Thanks. :cool:

I’m not familiar with the specific device, but with ball-type mice (not exactly the same as a trackball, I know), the problem used to be caused by an accumulation of dirt not on the ball itself, but on the rollers that sense its movement inside the device - is the ball removable?

I think cleaning it with alcohol on a lint-free cloth would be better than water. If you google “Mighty Mouse cleaning” you get some suggestions for taking it apart if you feel brave. Personally, I am not that brave.

Here is a picture of the MightyMouse The ball I’m talking about is the tiny one on top for scrolling.

The ball is rubber. Alcohol would dry it out, I think.

I’ve taken many mouses apart over the years, but I’m not sure I’m up to this one. I’ll look at the instructions and maybe …


From the Apple website:

How to clean your Mighty Mouse

Sounds like you have already done everything they recommend.

I just checked some of the cleaning suggestions in Google. I tried one of the least invasive and it’s working again. I don’t know for how long, and I may have to try something more drastic.
Thanks everyone.

I gave up on my Mighty Mouse. it seemed I was cleaning it daily, but there was something inside (sticky) that just wouldn’t come out even using Apple’s recommended method. I even searched on the Apple user discussion boards and found solutions that would work temporarily. But it always clogged up again so I switched back to my Logitech Trackman cordless trackball.

I am a year into the 3 year contract I purchased when I bought my I Mac.
I have ordered and received three new Mighty Mouses…covered by the contract. I fully expect to order 6 more before my contract expires. Once it starts to lock up on you, it’s done. Bad design.