How do I close a thread?

Say I start a new thread, and would like to have it closed.

Who decides when the thread is closed? If I request it to be closed, can I be denied?

You email a mod and they’ll close it for you. There have been threads that the mods didn’t close because of the number of responses the thread was getting, but most of the time if the originator of the thread requests it the mods do it.

[Obviously I am not a mod] Well Mr er Master Manservant, you can email a mod and ask them. Pick one from the appropriate forum that you think is awake. On occasions I have asked for threads that I haven’t started to be closed (by email or in the thread) because I thought there was unhelpful stuff getting out of control. I believe that mods will usually close a thread at the OP’s request if things have played out. But it’s their call. In this current example in the Pit John Corrado declines to close a thread at the OP’s request and gives reasons.