I want to close my thread

Hi. I want to close my thread in IMHO. What is the procedure? I tried using the report this post function but obviously that is not the correct procedure because the thread is still open.

You can’t. You started it, you’re stuck with it until it dies a natural death.

What? I see moderators close threads at the request of the OP all the time.

Not all threads warrant a closure. Usually we don’t close threads unless there is a good reason as it’s a last resort kind of thing.
Occasionally we will close one because the OP requests it, but usually it’s not for threads like yours, which has spurred interesting discussion and didn’t seem to have any reason to have it closed other than, basically “I just want this closed”.

OK but what is the proper procedure? Who do I write to argue my case?

What you did was proper procedure. The mods don’t always close threads just based on “I want it closed”.

You could feel free to message or email an administrator if you would like a second opinion, however.

Thanks. I will try present my rationale better.

Here is one thread that was closed by a Mod simply because the OP refused to answer any questions. (Post #206- I can’t quote from a locked thread).

That thread was still generating debate, yet was closed because the OP didn’t want to participate.

What’s the difference?

Just because you might be done with it doesn’t mean everyone else is.

If you’re done with it stop reading/stop posting, that’s all.

You can request that a thread be closed but that’s no guarantee that it will be closed.

Each case is handled on an individual basis so a situation appropriate in one area and circumstance is not elsewhere. It’s not “one rule fits all.”

Now I want to know which thread by-tor wants closed.

I’m destined to be disappointed though, unless someone figures it out and posts a link, because I’m far too indolent to do that on my own.

WAG: The “is this person insane” thread where (probably) said potentially-insane person showed up.

If by-tor and goobledell really are former housemates, isn’t that thread bringing off board drama onto the board, which you guys usually frown on and shut down?

Masochist: Would you please hit me?
Sadist: No.

Doesn’t seem all that dramatic, at least not yet. If goobledell really is the author of the website being discussed, it makes sense to allow him to respond.

Protip for the future: If you wish to link to a webpage maintained by someone whose attention you don’t wish to attract to the thread, DON’T post a clickable link to their website. When someone follows a clickable link from here to another website, the operator of that website can see the “referrer url” leading them right back to the webpage that linked to them.

If you had used the [noparse] tags, or otherwise broken the links, people would have to manually copy/paste the links into their browser, and there would have been no direct path back to here. It’s true that someone could always notice the increased traffic and/or do a Google vanity search, but that’s much less likely to lead them here than using direct links.

Lemme be sure I have this right: By-tor, you and this guy are former housemates and you came over here to … what, ridicule him? Start a fight with him somewhere else on the internet? And he came over here to defend himself?

You shouldn’t be be bringing your personal arguments over here to begin with.

So you may well get your wish – I’m closing the thread – but not for the reason you want. May be more action to follow.

I did not start the thread to ridicule or bring some real life drama to the boards.

I started it because I wanted to compare my subjective opinion on the matter with other peoples’ to gauge how accurate I might be.

I have not talked to that person in almost 20 years and plan to keep it that way.

I was naive, in that I did not think he would ever see the thread. I apologize for my lack of judgement.

I want it closed for a number of reasons.

It’s all worked out. No worries, by-tor. :slight_smile: