Closing threads...

I have read the FAQs and every possible thing there is to see if I could find the answer to my questions before posting this. No luck.

How does and OP go about having a thread closed? When is it kosher (politeness-wise) to ask for that? (I suppose there is some sort of convention). Does one have to email the mods of that specific forum or would anyone do?

Has anyone ever written Good Manners in the SDMB, or something of that sort?


Only moderators and administrators can close a thread. If you would like a thread closed, email a moderator or administrator and specify reasons.

Oh well C K thanks, but I knew that. What I meant (and probably did a lousy job conveying) is that if there is some sort of unwritten (or written) rule about when is OK to request it.

I request this thread be closed.
[sub]Now the question is, when will they listen? :D[/sub]

Did she say “Mother May I?”

The thread stays open.

It is my impression that threads only get closed when there is a compelling reason to stop people posting in them (I know that sounds obvious, but…)

Obviously troll/broken/duplicate threads get the chop pretty quickly, but:

GQ threads where the question has been completely answered are nearly always left open, ‘Asked and answered; lockdown!’ only tends to appear when the thread has either decayed into inane banter, extended past 5 pages or is <ahem> of a delicate or unpleasant nature. Other than that, requesting that a GQ thread be closed is pretty unnecessary and, in the case of “here’s my answer - right! pack it up everybody because I have spoken”, arrogant.

GD threads tend to get locked if they turn into fist fights, or if they get really long, but occasionally also if nobody is saying anything new about the topic, just repeating assertions.

Pit threads are (in my observation) more likely to get locked at the request of the OP than in other forums, sometimes people post a foaming rant and live to regret the backlash.

As I said, these are my observations and inferences, not any statement of authority…

In all seriousness, if the original thread starter requests that the thread be closed because either the thread is going nowhere or because the orignal question has been answered, I see no problem with closing said thread. If on the other hand the original poster wants the thread closed because he/she doesen’t like the answers given, or because others won’t agree with her/him, I am likely to leave the thread open.

Whew. I was worried there for a second Mangetout. I thought you might be “junior modding”. ~mischievous grin~

BTW, good answer.

Confirms what I thought. Thanks gentlemen.

Now you can close this thread :slight_smile:

You still didn’t say, “Mother may I.”

See, now you’re just being passive-agressive. :wink:

Like a mother. In May. I believe.