How do I convert this photo to wallpaper

It’s a candid photo of a lovely Doper named nyctea scandiaca.

I am besotted and have already proposed.

I want to gase at her photo all the days of my life.

(I have XP.)

I think you just need to right click on the picture, and select “Set as Desktop Background”.

You’re right! TY.

I got a (stuffed) Barn Owl for Christmas one year. That is all.

If you right click on the desktop and to go **Properties **then to the Display tab, you can control whether the image is centered, tiled or stretched. You can also assign other default backgrounds that come preinstalled with vista.

My previous message is for Windows XP, not Vista. Dunno why I typed Vista instead…

o rly?

Doesn;t matter. It worked.

Thank you.

[applauds heartily]: well played!


Damn you! If only I’d surfed more speedily, it would have been me making that witticism! Curses, foiled again.