How do I copy a file from the C: drive to A: drive in DOS?

Well folks, I am trying to recover my paper, and every time I try to copy, it aacts like my disk isn’t in there or something… Abort, retry, fail?

Does it say “Write protect error” before “Abort, retry, fail”?

If so, you have the write protect tab in the corner of the disk in the “open” position. Close it and try again.

Here’s a diagram.

If it’s not that, there may be a problem with the disk-- try reformatting it. (If there’s nothing on it already that you need to keep.)

  1. Stick the floppy in the drive.

  2. Change to the A drive promt by typing:


  1. If you don’t get an error, type:


  1. If you still don’t get an error, your floppy is probably formatted. If so, while still at the a prompt, type:

copy c:<filename> a:\


This problem started with something else entirely.

How did you boot your system? If you booted from a Windows CD-ROM, I think it takes over the floppy disk and uses the drive A for a virtual drive, or something like that. You might try booting it from a floppy.

But first make sure the floppy is formatted, and also try another floppy.

You’ve got to have the disk inserted in the right way. And try buying some new disks.

type c: and enter to change to the C drive. a: and enter to change to the C drive.
Then type dir to see a listing of the contents. You can change to different folders like this:
cd windows
or cd mydocu~1
(that’s “My Documents” in 8 letter format)
then type dir again. When you’ve found the file, do this (say the file is something.doc)

copy something.doc a:

And make sure you’re in the folder/directory that something.doc was in (e.g. in c:\mydocu~1)
You can also go to subdirectories (sub-folders). use cd\ to go to the root (outermost) directory.

Also make sure the disk is pushed in properly - you might need to press it down after you push it in. (make sure it isn’t upside down or backwards though!)

Golly, Chekmate’s been gone for a long time-- I hope he didn’t have one of those “fatal disk errors” I keep hearing about.

My uncle had one of those with a skilsaw.