How do I draw using computer "graphics"?

I want to get a particular image (and print it out) on my computer.

Trouble is, since I cannot find it on the web, I’m not sure what to do.

All I want to get is the image of a black stick figure man in 3-D (so that he looks a little more “buff” - for lack a a better word) wearing a black-and-grey-striped tie around his neck.

This image may be put on a background (I don’t know which yet). How the heck do I go about getting this achieved? What programs would I need to use? Please bear in mind that I’d also want to write something in the background (in letters).

So, just how much computer skill(s) are we talking about?

Any pointers?

(Oh, any pics on the web would also be appreciated).

Are there any websites that exclusively do or deal in computer graphic images?

Oh, and the colour of the stick figure man has to be shiny black. Just like a movie image, not a pathetic pencil-line drawing.

Anyone with Poser can do it for you in a second or two.

If you don’t get any better offers, I’ll do it and email it to you. (Would you need it as a 3-D object, or just as an image file that LOOKS as if it’s 3D?) - home of Paint Shop Pro.
One month free trial, and then not too expensive to buy.

Easy peasy to use.