How do I enable CUDA processing in Adobe CS6?

I built a new PC for someone at work with the express aim at it being a video processing powerhouse.

The PC includes an Nvidia CUDA card (and yes, it is on Adobe’s list of supported cards).

The person is using Adobe’s new cloud version of CS6 (and they are using the trial version currently if that matters).

In CS5.5 there was a place in the Project Settings where you could tell the machine to use your video cards with the Mercury Playback Engine.

For the life of me I cannot find this in CS6 nor can the user. In particular we are poking around in After Effects (in case it is different for different products).

Anyone have a clue where these render settings can be enabled/disabled?

Thanks in advance!

Well, I found the area where you are supposed to be able to select GPU acceleration but it is grayed out.

As mentioned the card IS supported (saw a message from Adobe stating this explicitly). I have also found how to enable this on a Mac. In my case I am using Windows 7-64bit Pro and unable to find instructions on enabling this feature.

No one has responded but FWIW I got it sorted out.