How do I enlarge a game window? (Caster of Magic)

I enjoyed the 1994 game ‘Master of Magic’, so was delighted when a new version came out recently ‘Caster of Magic for Windows’.

I’ve bought the game and it started as expected (with the old fun intro.)
However the game window is only about 25% of my screen. :fearful:

I can’t use the mouse to drag the screen to enlarge it and a suggestion of Alt+Enter just moves the window.

I would be jolly grateful for help (as Caster looks like a great game.)

If it helps, my spec is:

ASUS 64 bit with Intel Core i7 and 16GB RAM
Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge

Alt+Enter makes things full screen usually, surprised it does not here. Multi-monitor setup?

And it’s on Steam? Features says “Borderless Fullscreen support and freely resizeable game window, not locked to any specific aspect ratio”

So check Properties, may be a checkbox or command line option to add. Check the game’s Steam forums too.

Look in the Settings/Options inside the game and see if there is a setting for “Fullscreen” or “Borderless Window.”

Looks like this is a DLC for the actual old Master of Magic game. So video might be a little clunky. According to this thread on Steam, you may have to edit an .ini file with whatever settings are appropriate for your monitor.