How do I find a new career?

I am reaching the end of my rope in my current career and am considering a career change. Over the weekend I almost decided to quit without even having an inkling what kind of job I would pursue next.

The problem is I know what I do NOT want to do anymore but am pretty burned out right now and can’t tell what (if anything) I DO want to do.

How do I find out what I want to do? How do I find out what careers might interest me?

Have you ever hired a career counselor? If so, what was it like?

I’m in higher-ed IT right now, and might like to stay in an IT-related career, but I’m just not sure. Are there career counselors that specialize in technology careers?

I apologize for the rambling vague nature of my post. I’m just not all here today.

There are probably career counselors, but I have found it helpful to just network & ask people about their jobs.

I can appreciate what you are going through. I have been there many, many times myself. It has only been the past few years that I have felt “happy” with what I do. It could be because the category of position I am in was not even created until a few years back.

Have you considered consulting? I don’t mean the low-end, commodity (we can get it cheap from India) type consulting. Rather, the higher-end consulting that only comes from the major firms. If you don’t mind travel, then it is (usually) challenging, rewarding, and interesting.

Not to mention that as a consultant you get exposure to a lot of different companies and industries which might help you pick a new career.

Thanks for the suggestion of consulting.

I have to admit I have no idea how to start doing consultant work. Does one hire on with a company like KPMG? Go freelance? I don’t know how to run my own business. How does one find a customer base? Am I enough of a go-getter to be successful?