How do I find school district rankings?

As some of you may know I’m considering relocating to Gettysburg or Harrisonburg, VA.

But I want to compare school district info. I’ve got a 5 year old just about to start kindergarten…

Anyone know where I can find that sort of ranking on the web?

See if this helps.

I’ll keep looking if that doesn’t help. I’m on lunch right now. :slight_smile:

You better move to Gettysburg, JC. We can always use more Central PA Dopers!

Besides, you’d get all the fun of the slot-machine fight currently being waged in Straban Twp.


I was there just Sunday and Monday, Rob!

I’m trying to get Cost-of-Living comparisons for the two places as well. I could use some help there.

Here is the URL for the Gettysburg Times, the local paper. They should have real estate ads and such.

Also, here is the information for the local supermarket.

And, there is an intangible bonus. I’m graduating with my BA in communications and journalism this December, so you’ll have access to help. (IIRC, you’re starting a magazine, right?)



I have decided that you are in the witness protection program with all the moving around you do.

If I am correct, just pull on your ear and I’ll get the message.


Shirley Kneecaps Ujest.

It’s all made perfect sense at the time, I swear!