How Do I Find senator Byrd's "Dog Died" Speech?

When NFL star (and now convict) Mike Vick was arrested for keeping pit bulls (for dog fighting), Senator Byrd (of WV) made a florid speech in the senate. He rambled on about “God created the dog, and the dog died…”…made me think that Byrd had lost his marbles.
anyway, anyone know how to find the speech? is it in “Vital Speeches” or the “Congressional Register”?(or were they too embarrassed to print it?)

Go to here and do a search for S9568. (That’s a page number in the Congressional Record.) Scroll down to that page, click, and there it is.

Can’t link directly to the page because it is a temporary file.

Is Senator Byrd related – I say, is that man related to Foghorn Leghorn? Get this - Foghorn Leghorn!

Direct link to pdf (Hope that’s permanent.)

Byrd sounds like Foghorn Leghorn-big windbag!