How do I find the other side of the world?

I would like to know the exact opposite of my location on the Earth. How can I do this?

I think it would be awesome to have a web site that could search and find the opposite of any location on earth.

Couldn’t find anything on Google, but I was also unsure of how to search for this.

Gas - if you use a bit of logic and what you know from your study of maps and globes it shouldn’t be too difficult. How far north are you? Well, for starters, your opposite would be that far south. Now, just add 180 degrees to your longitude and find that line on the other side of the globe. Where those two intersect is your opposite. and…it’s…just…that…easy

And just in case you want it, here’s a map of antipodes :

Two maps, one of them flipped upside down, and curiously labeled ‘local nadir’, which isn’t the same as the antipode by most definitions.

I’m an old fashioned sort. One globe and one knitting needle should do it.

Here you go.

Dang link wouldn’t work for me. It got me to the site alright but wouldn’t find my opposite spot on the earth. I tried Chicago, IL; Chicago, Illinois; New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA. Everytime it told me I didn’t enter a location.

Ahh well…just curious really as I already used the knitting needle method on a globe as described by Bromley when I was a kid (ok…not a knitting needle per se but the idea and result were the same).

It’s all a big con! Give me my money back!

You had me all excited there. :wink:

Well shucks sorry about that. It worked a couple of months ago when I bookmarked it.

Yeah, it doesn’t work for me neither. I didn’t think Australia was THAT obscure.

Well, according to this guy, I’m in the French Antipodes. Dunno ‘bout the rest o’ you, tho’ …

I think for friggae’s site to work you might need to put in your Lat and Long and not just a place name. Just a guess since I don’t know my coordinates off hand.