Where am I?

I am looking for an application or website where I can plug in an address and get back longitude and latitude.


It’s U.S. only, but should get you pretty close.

I like this one:



Try this. :slight_smile:

Go to Google Maps, and find the place in any manner you like. For the OP, I suppose typing it in would work.
Right-click on the spot you’re interested in, and select “What’s here?”
Look at the entry space, and the address you typed in is no longer there. It’s been replaced by the latitude and longitude of the spot. (Negative numbers mean S or W)

If you look in Google Maps Labs available from the options drop down on the maps page, you’ll see a feature called LatLng Tool Tip. Go to an address and hold the shift key down. A tool tip with lat and long will appear.